1. I just wish I could use power ups during vasebreaker levels lol

  2. That’s the key - many introverts need to realize that if they want new relationships then they need to realize they most likely will feel a bit uncomfortable when they go to make new ones. They will probably feel drained and not always ‘feel’ like socializing but that they need to push through it

  3. I've lost most of my long time friends and I'm pretty much a loner these days. I have no clue how to interact with people without being afraid of showing who I really am. I feel ya, I want some human interaction also. I've gone from knowing so many people and having acquaintances (these past 10 years) to having like one friend and even they're starting to feel distant.

  4. Similar thing has happened to me. I used to have a solid social circle but I had to ‘mask’ quite often in order to keep them. That was in my 20s when it was much easier to keep friends .

  5. Story of my life. I’m very introverted and family, friends and co workers have all tried to get me to be different . I even tried for a bit but it’s very counter productive

  6. I got Covid and didnt even know I had it until much later . I was a bit surprised actually as some were making it out to be the Black Plague . I enjoyed the hell out of the quarantine tbh

  7. Yep when I get to around an 8-9 game streak I start seeing scores around 2.8 million and above. It’s literally fixed in a way and I can almost guarantee I will lose every tenth game lol

  8. This is the correct answer. RNG kinda makes plant levels useless. If zombies don’t spawn, score stays low. Super frustrating. This is an AFK week anyway so I speed-run, set the phone down, and take the occasional L.

  9. Yeah I’m not enjoying this arena too much. It’s more focused on needing zombies to appear than killing zombies. I still get decent streaks but it feels messy

  10. The endless levels get tedious pretty quickly. Last I checked I’m at level 223 and I can spend 5-10 minutes just watched my plants blast zombies that haven’t even entered the screen yet. What’s worse is the coin and flower pot rewards are very lacking. I really wish they’d at least give us the option of choosing a 500 coin bonus after each level over Power ups

  11. Does anyone have their Rhubarbarian at level 10 yet? If so how strong is he there?

  12. Is it possible that we can have some plant buffs next patch to put strawburst on par with coconut cannon, because right now a fully charged strawburst does less damage than a coconut cannon. Also buff some more plants that need some love please, like for instance give pepper pult a much faster cooldown. I wanna see stuff like that to make overlooked and outclassed plants viable.

  13. It would be neat to see older much less used plants get buffed in certain areas. As it stands now I don’t even level half of the plants because they don’t get used ever

  14. I’m noticing pea vine is a very useful plant for arena - it’s too bad I don’t have it . I don’t have a ton of these newer plants and it’s very difficult to get seeds for them

  15. How good of a plant is Shine Vine though? I have yet to unlock it and many other plants

  16. Sadly there isn’t a good way. My fire pea and electric pea are only

  17. The Daily Gift is still there. But yeah the 20 plant seed packets are gone. I've only noticed this during the start of Rhubarbarian's season.

  18. I got the 20 seed packet earlier today - it was for primal potato mine

  19. I'm able to beat Zomboss on Spicy difficulty with ease, but he's still too difficult on Extra Spicy difficulty. Should I cut the Power Vine for Extra Spicy? I use the Power Tile perk always, but what other two perks should I use? I also plan on boosting the Pokra, and I want to boost the Laser Bean, but I couldn't get it to appear in the Zen Garden.

  20. Honestly the extra 5 seeds and 500 coins you get for beating 3 spice makes it not even worth trying. I just play in one or two spicy and get the gems and seeds

  21. This giant ant battle was not something I had planned on recording, and just happened to stumble upon this territorial behavior the other day. There’s something hard to miss about a pile of moving ants out in the open where there normally isn’t one.

  22. I wonder what or who initially signals their army to invade though? I mean, do ants know through mind reading what their commander(?) or leader or queen wants ? . Fascinating regardless

  23. Piñata party exist, already have him to lvl 4 (even close to lvl5) and im still not close to 300 crowns in arena

  24. Lol same here. Without piñata party my Rhubarbarian would be maybe level 3

  25. What level is your Rhubarbarian right now? Grinding arena is ok at getting seeds for this plant but it feels very tedious

  26. I literally need 1 more seed packet to gain him

  27. Problem is, after you unlock him how will you get seeds for him? You’ll either have to buy them Or wait for him to be in arena lol

  28. I saw that and was like meh. Chomper is the next arena too which is even lamer

  29. Well, I wouldn't pay any currency besides maybe Penny's fuel lol. Upgrading bonk feels pointless and a waste of my coins

  30. Honestly upgrading most of the plants past a certain level seems pointless. Now they are releasing plants that greatly outperform them even at lower levels so

  31. I really really hope no one is lol. I see some of the steep prices for bundles and I wonder how many people pay for them. I mean, buying gems and coins is just dumb

  32. Season plants are never featured in the Penny's persuit when they are released for the first time. The only way the get the seeds to rhubarbarian is to play arena, pinata party or buy them in the shop

  33. So basically grind the piñata party glitch? I

  34. Btw have you tried primal potato mine and tile turnip? Mine are level 4 and I’m getting 6-8 million per match

  35. Made this cause I was kinda fed up with all the arena videos here needing Mastery 100+ or whatever plants to emulate.

  36. Good job and your input is caused because the sticky here is full

  37. this game has super op plants and super shit plants

  38. True but with new plants why make them unless they are OP? im sure it’s hard to release plants that have truly unique properties at this point. I don’t even have 30% of the plants and I notice a ton of overlap and to at only a handful of plants are even used in arena and pennys pursuit e tc

  39. Honestly though at this point aren’t they in a position where they need to release suet powered plants? I mean, there are tons of plants and most of us are not going to bother grinding for a new plant unless it is super powered. I hope this makes sense btw

  40. Yeah all the while you have bought certain plants and have had thrr ey m

  41. Yeah, at least they should have nerfed those plants even though they are basically clones of older plants. I really dislike the mindset "they are seediums/premiums, so they have to be better". That mindset just destroys the balance in a tower defense game. In my opinion, premiums/seediums plants should be the ones with unique abilities rather than being straight up a better version of some plants. HB lv1 is stronger than my Bonk Choy lv7 ???? I searched some comparision videos on Youtube and it seems like even a Bonk Choy lv10 has less dps than HB lv1, really Popcap ????. And don't let me start with Pokra.......

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