1. White castle refused to let me go home when I had covid and pneumonia and a collapsed lung and took a 100 dollar tip from me and nothing happened when I reported any of that

  2. I started shaking. Is that yellow stuff hollandaise or butter or egg? It doesn't matter I'll try it

  3. What the hell is “public transportation”?

  4. I'll check it out I've been needing something to read thabks

  5. I was willing to give her the benefit of the doubt with the car running and the babies inside. Unfortunate accident. But this... 🤨

  6. I know. I was big on not tearing her up like some people but even I started wondering. Because people donated so much stuff but maybe she really just needed resources. A baby sitter. Idk. I remember her and dad fighting online about hi. And his mom wanting custody. Wonder if they ever brought up to any authorities if they feared the babies safety

  7. Let two kids get kidnapped and let one die and we make her take classes. Too little too late.

  8. As I said she was young and ignorant apparently. Idk I'm no authority here

  9. I moved here and like it. Perspective I guess. I ride the bus to work and I work probably 5 miles or less away. I enjoy my apt. My neighborhood isn't perfect but I've never had issues and use common safety sense. People are nice. I love trying new food places and I'm close to shopping library doctors etc. Lots of entertainment.

  10. I made an eczema um, I guess scrub. It worked to heal and prevent my rashes. I was developing rashes due to progesterone sensitivities or eczema. I used honey oatmeal olive oil sugar and mint leaves. Also turmeric. I rub the scrub over affected body parts and rinse off. I haven't had trouble with skin breakouts since. Salt works too if you don't have sugar. Also sunflower oil if you don't have olive oil.

  11. I feel like if 100 people pooled their income we could afford it.

  12. I mean I was thinking more of a commute. There's enough yard space for a garden and chickens. Maybe a cow and pigs and quail. A compost area. And therapy and yoga.

  13. Agreed with this until I found out they fry the carrots and cauliflower.

  14. Are you going to use the lawyer for legal services in the future? Have you concluded your legal engagement? It is against ethical rules for a lawyer to have a sexual relationship with an existing client.

  15. I do not plan to use their services again, and I have no clue except I know you can't have conflict of current interest if you're going to court and have hired an attorney presently. I don't know about afterwards.

  16. Thank you! Both these suggestions were very helpful

  17. Hi, I stay like four minutes from there in an Airbnb. Also sitting in the dark 😂

  18. None of the Walmarts I've been to have water refills. Do you know one that does?

  19. Hire me as a stripper. I'll take the paint off everyone's car to a smooth soundtrack

  20. Plenty of married women get abortions. Marriage doesn't change that need for bodily autonomy. Just respect women s decisions. I had a friend who had 6 kids and was overwhelmed. It was a family decision to get an abortion so they wouldn't struggle emotionally or financially.

  21. Idk about everyone else but I usually lay in bed in my free time or eat or play piano

  22. It currently seems like property ownership (probably well off and financially set) is terminating long term leases/rent or price hiking as intimidation to vacate so they can sell to a developer.

  23. High rent chased out Betty’s when the Short North first started to “flip”. They had been after the landlord for a while for improvements, like ensuring the HVAC system worked. When their lease was due for renewal, I think Liz said the landlord tripled the rent. That was the end.

  24. Ok I see. It's sad. I guess as a new resident I'm shocked when a place I wanted to visit closes so fast

  25. Renaissance hotel downtown. Walk in, go to elevator take it to the fourth floor and enjoy the rarely used roof top swimming pool. Don’t bring bags with you or you will be stopped. just wear your swim suits under easy to take off clothes. Towels are available. You’re welcome

  26. If you have medicaid or food stamps you can go to COTA downtown and get reduced fare on the transit app. I pay half price now and it helps since I haven't worked much but still need to commute

  27. Omg cute. That game is my safe space lol. I'm actually on their reddit

  28. I just really don’t understand how her family can look at her and not be terrified? Holy cow, how are they not concerned?

  29. I asked myself the same thing especially when she admitted her father is going through it right now with his father [her I'll granpa] not doing well. Confirmed its his dad that's sick and she mentioned her dad drinking again. I'm assuming perhaps her dad did care but doesn't know how to help her and copes with drinking. But also given their resources it's still interesting that he hasn't stepped up more that we know of. It's possible he did so I give benefit of doubt.

  30. Sounds like everyone in that house needs an intervention or something, I dunno. If this is how they handle these sorta issues...I don’t see how they’re gonna make it even with money. When did she mention all that?

  31. Do they have fried green tomatoes or fried pickles? Looking for lunch for the family today

  32. It's winter friend. You are used to more sunshine. Also the US just has different cultural Norms per area/region.

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