1. She's trying to appear relatable. All the Kardashian jenners are trying to sell a relatability angle cause they know it's the only way they'll remain relavant.

  2. She used to be, but now she's just as botched as the rest

  3. You’re spot on. It’s actually really sad if the planted stories actually work on her kids too.

  4. It actually makes sense, he did pay for her education. Even for our parents we get to repay them for their efforts in the form of , buying them a car, building a house or supporting them in old age.

  5. So sorry this happened to you. But you need to talk to someone to help you through this. And tell your friends about this Ken so they know the kind of person he is.

  6. Honestly!! I’ve only seen Tokyo drift and F&F 6, and I was watching it like

  7. You haven't seen anything yet if you haven't watched F9

  8. Let's hope they give this the proper send off it needs

  9. Because he knows Khloe is the only woman who'd let get away with anything. And on top of that he hasn't proposed or married her but she still sticks with him, so it's like he's having his cake and eating it too.

  10. Possibly, there's too many instances of bad Photoshop. And the way people always spot these mistakes so easily, it's like they put them there to be found???

  11. They almost went into Bollywood territory 🤣🤣🤣

  12. A lot of losers like the Daily Heil and the Independent are claiming he only mocked Meghan for calling the royal family racist. They skipped the part where Rock calls the royal family racist.

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