1. Moneyball with Jonah Hill. I thought he was a joke actor who’s only cast for his weight and stupid middle school level jokes. Turns out he REALLY can act and this lead me to his actually good roles, his dramas.

  2. Thanks fir the recomwndation, im going to look for an appointment with him, also from ct. Were you able to drive yourself home after the procedure?

  3. So you’re partner is okay with it clearly. Would you also be okay if they were doing the same? I would have issues with it if my partner were doing that.

  4. Yes. For example a person they had been friends with for years, and also having sex with them here and there throughout the years

  5. Can you explain? Is it because you're into ass or because your into rectums?

  6. My partners 100%. That intensifies mine. They're both important, but I want both to get the best.

  7. Did ur feet burn or itch? My feet burn after a day in the hot sun so I’m not sure what it is but it sounds like athletes foot

  8. I got reverse catfished. She looked alright in her pictures, a stunner in real life.

  9. I'm not a fan of daisy. I remember listening to it for the first time and just being like...... nah.

  10. Well it was a confidence boost from going to the gym previously. It created a false sense of confidence.

  11. I had everything I needed. There wasn't much pain though, so I can't really speak for what I would've wanted. It went smooth. Got it Thursday, back to work Monday, few days of discomfort and that was about it.

  12. knew my trauma and used it against me at every turn

  13. Well, just know that not everybody does that. I just sought those people out because it's all I really ever knew.

  14. Ye sequels are usually never better than the original. Except the new godzilla movies those are awesome.

  15. It's a marathon and not a sprint. Make small sustainable changes that you make habits instead of just crash dieting.

  16. So i've been respectful in all my comments and tried to argue my points. There's quite a lot of data supporting what i've said. Ask your male friends if they would go in a long term relationship with a woman that had 3 previous partners or 30.

  17. Lol dude, body counts don't matter. The people who they matter to are incels. I don't care if it's 1 or 100 previous people, what matters is their tests. Judging people for past sexual things is gross.

  18. She definitely tops Michaela because Alyssa knew exactly what she was doing. Michaela just had several screws loose

  19. Just ask him to eat your butt. Pretty simple and straight forward. I can get why it would get the nerves going asking, but it's not really that taboo of a thing anymore.

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