1. God this man is so damn annoying and I’m so sick of hearing about him. Didn’t he say he was taking a break?

  2. God will you people shut UP. You complain about every damn pack before it’s even released. The last few packs (with an exception of MWS) have been terrific, full with plenty of gameplay and delivered on that promise.

  3. This is a television series. I don’t know how you expect such a big show to carry the same tone and contained storylines from the first two season, that’s damn boring

  4. Don’t need to carry the same tone, but it just went from strange things to evil things.

  5. There is a connection to the main storyline. Maybe get off Reddit and finish the show instead of coming on here to complain about something stupid lmfao

  6. Why do people hate season 3 so much?? Like you are actually willing to skip a whole damn season which is canonically important.. What is so unlikable about season 3??

  7. Honestly the season 3 hate train is damn annoying lol. And I don’t know how this person was able to watch this season without having watched season 3.

  8. Hi! What kind of project is it? Is it made using the Sims or just inspired by it? Thanks

  9. That part hasn’t been decided completely since I’m early in production. I’m leaning more towards an animation being loosely inspired by it, as it would be easier for me to do than go into The Sims and record. Are you interested?

  10. I’m creating a horror/thriller miniseries ( 10 minute, 10 episodes) and in dire need of a main character. Could we PM?

  11. Please, Im begging you. Clean your monitor. Please.

  12. Personally, I don't keep watching shows that I no longer enjoy, but to each his own (I'm about to give up on Stranger Things...)

  13. You aren’t enjoying stranger things? Season 4 has been praised as almost the best season of the show

  14. So just because you had a crazy ass dad that warrants you calling this child’s dad an asshole based off the way he was looking at him?

  15. I’m looking for someone to design cover art for me, I’d love to discuss more in PM!

  16. i DEFINITELY would’ve lmao. mikes a scrawny wimp, dustin’s got a deformity, will can’t stick up for himself, and even though lucas is pretty normal he’s still a part of the nerds. not tryna come off as a dick just the truth 😭

  17. They’re not on the gallery unfortunately. I can’t pinpoint all the cc I used!

  18. Bella definitely looks like her favorite song was “girls just wanna have fun”

  19. Thank you! I tried my best to incorporate all the occults into an almost single story. Glad you liked it!

  20. If you own a PC, tablet, or laptop, I do recommend reading this document on those! The format is a little better laid out and easier to read.

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