I just brought home my new foster kitten! This little fella was found alone in a parking lot a few hours ago. He’s missing a few pieces. I need name ideas!

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  1. Looks like my Cake! So freaking cool man! Do your art for you man. Appreciation is nice but do it to make you happy!

  2. When he gets crazy with energy I call him devils food cake. 😅

  3. I mean we had a deli associate in my old store who got caught drinking wine coolers at her car on break and all she had was a slap on the wrist by the assistant store manager who was the one who caught her. We all knew she'd come in smashed and even more so when she was back from her break but they never did anything.

  4. and that is in deli, where she could easily cut her fingers off...dang

  5. I believe you can call ahead and see if you can rent an ecv as well as sign up for the disability access service (DAS) so you will have easier time with attraction waits.

  6. Well in our case (Florida) inflation is rising not only because of gas, but because people voted to increase the minimum wage to $15 and didn’t think about the consequences.

  7. The way florida set up the minimum wage increase actually won't impact our economy as bad as it would if it raised it all at once. Im currently at $15 an hour at one job and $14.50 at publix and thats not livable. I make just enough for my bills. Our current wages would've been fine 15- 20 years ago. Now because our cost of living went up but wages stayed relatively the same it's become harder for people to stay above the poverty line. For students it's even worse because the government is not set to help students (beyond college grants) so for people like me its even worse because I'm straddling the poverty line.

  8. Oh I know the opppsite spectrem. I know it well but I also don't want to step on the people who did care.

  9. Oh I agree. My current management team at my new store is excellent and my deli team has some minor problem people but who doesn't. Most of my department works pretty well together and that surprised the hell out of me when I transferred tbh.

  10. I was transferred out as a minor problem. The incidents behind mine were simply because my deli manager had contacted my parents about a medical issue. Mind you I wasn't a minor and didn't live with one of them. (I was trying to leave discreetly) and they decided to involve everyone. I stayed due to pressure and the fact they told my parents I was to recieve FT.

  11. I appreciate your story. It sucks that people can't grow up or understand other people's issues However. It is good to hear when the policy actually works.

  12. We can't open cary in Florida tho... idk any of the other states.

  13. What are you suing for exactly? No injury, just damages to your vehicle? Presumably your insurance took care of damage to the other vehicle?

  14. For the fact that it is not under recall and is currently a major problem enough to cause class action suits across the country but I was never notified and in turn got into an accident that if it worked it would've prevented. It was the whole reason I bought the car. And now it's totalled and driving is hell for me since.

  15. If there's already a relevant class action suit you should call the law office taking that case and ask for their recommendation

  16. Thats what I was going to try next because I'm playing ring around the rosey with law offices right now.

  17. Agreed. I think Walmart's cheapest cage-free/organic (or whatever the hell) eggs today were like 5.28 (edit, they have some for 3.62, I just didn't see em) whereas Publix has similar eggs on sale for 3.99. So this week, Publix wins there. Walmart is good for staple stuff like milk and bread. Publix is good for random deals on groceries like beer. Not so sure about produce.

  18. I work at publix and have learned that a lot of our name brand anything besides deli products are also from the same production companies that Walmart and other grocery chains use. (We've received Walmart branded cage free eggs many times)

  19. That’s what I thought until I went to TJ Maxx right after and it was worse there lmao. Now I’m a server making like $40/hr and it’s so much easier than both jobs

  20. Eww the tjx company sucks! I worked at Marshalls for about 9 months because it was a short walk from my campus. Definitely worse than publix and im in the deli.

  21. Seems just about right for the deli. At my store bakery and deli share a freezer and the deli people leave their shit everywhere. They never condence, they open like 4 different boxes of the same shit. Leave open popcorn chicken boxes sideways so the slightest wind has them all fall out. They leave a fucking float loaded in there for days. It's fucking insane. There is 1, ONE deli guy who goes in and breaks everything down and puts away the float other than the actual manager, assistant manager doesn't do shit. The deli guy used to be in the bakery so he knows and gets pissed at all the degens in the deli who make a mess of the freezer. 90% of them are Hatians who barely speak English and are half asleep. I legit had one of them come over and open the goddamn oven and almost walk in before realizing it's not the freezer. SHE DIDNT EVEN CLOSE THE OVEN DOOR WHEN I HAD BREAD STILL IN IT. Like actually WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH MY DELI DEPARTMENT.

  22. Sounds like my old store tbh. I was hired in the deli there. Almost quit 3 times before moving and transferring for school

  23. Eww no we're supposed to set up hot food at most 30 min before due time. Thats either laziness or given benefit of the doubt new staff or busy period. Either way not how its supposed to be done.

  24. Its still fresh don't get wrong but leaving it in hot holding will make it soggy.

  25. You can tie it in the front under the apron. Ive been told it can't be wrapped around the apron itself but if you have to then tie it underneath.

  26. What degree are you getting if you don't mind me asking?

  27. I would agree that an entertainment management degree would be desirable for Disney.

  28. The chicken tender sub is what we're massively known for, food wise. So can't go wrong there, and maybe try some of our cookies

  29. The sprinkle sugar cookies that come with the chocolate chip ones are the bomb!

  30. Best first step is to ask for more hours. You have bills to pay? Bring up you need more hours to make ends meet. And if they don't do it or shove your request away then just go above them and press the same request till you get what you deserve.

  31. Empty? Yes. Like dairy? No. We have black shelves and I don't understand the difference.

  32. That’s horrible. I’ve read a lot of interactions w/ management that read just like this. One posted the manager said “Publix is your family” when they asked for a holiday off to be with their family.

  33. I actually got lucky with my transfer 7 months ago. Its like night and day. My current manager literally told me that my personal life and family are more important than this place when I offered to cut my trip short by one day cuz were way understaffed. There really are some good ones out there but I see the bad ones every day too.

  34. Ideally we have 4 or 5 not including kitchen. At my current store thats the norm but at my old store none of the full-time workers wanted to close and walked all over management so we closed usually with 2 or 3 not including kitchen. Case night was always the same. A few times I had to do case in my old store with only one other person and sometimes my assistant department manager.

  35. We don’t have a manager closing on case night and it’s just one person that has to clean the entire case and traditional

  36. Oh no in my old store management was too stuck up to get their hands dirty. Never helped with anything except maybe tags if they bothered showing up. Until we got the new assignment there who would try to help and teach. Now at my new store things are mostly done with some kind of order. Plus case night isn't on a truck or tag night anymore 😅

  37. How do you even have that much lol. Our store can't get any in.

  38. Haven't seen those yet here but im definitely not ready for that frustration 🙃

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