1. The article doesn't mention, but it's not saying that all of the concussions are on the returner, it's happening throughout the special teams play. So even if a play is a touchback, there's still contact all over the field.

  2. I guess that would explain why it’s concerning that a sixth of concussions happen on special teams plays even though they’re a sixth of plays - so many special teams plays don’t involve tackles that you’d hope it would be lower, but all that contact keeps causing injuries. If I said 28% of workplace injuries happen on the weekend, you wouldn’t go “lol that’s 28% of the week”, you’d think it was weird that the days people work less often are still having that many injuries.

  3. Absolutely. Eddie Lacy comes to mind as well. Doesn't take much depression to really spiral out of control.

  4. Can confirm. It probably happens to millions of people, we just feel better making fun of athletes for it because they have millions of dollars and their ability to make more depends on their staying in shape.


  6. I am pretty sure more teams personally spoke with and interviewed Watson than have called Cleveland about what it would take to get Baker in a trade.

  7. I think we can all agree that employing a rapist is OK if other teams want to do it.

  8. yeah i had a sneaking suspicion that the seahawks media team wouldn’t release a video with poo geyser in it

  9. I know this is probably rhetorical but a lot of people use this as like..."Well it's just a few bad apples." Meaning the exact opposite of the original phrase.

  10. I thought people meant it consistent with the original phrase. Like the argument is people don’t like or trust cops because it’s a few bad apples spoiling the bunch. That’s why the proposed solution is to simply throw the bad apples out instead of making any systemic changes (or heaven forbid abolishing the police).

  11. Being trash would actually be just what they need. I know no one wants to suck, but they definitely aren't winning the superbowl and it's very unlikely that they go to the playoffs, so might as well tank and have your pick of the qbs coming out next year

  12. I can’t get behind this mentality. If you have Pete Carroll, you’re not going to outsuck the league’s truly dire teams, so the marginal gain in draft position is washed out by how miserable (and how much less likely to spend money) your fans are going to be if you go 5-12.

  13. You're right but at the same time you have to look at who is ahead of you and what their needs are. If the jaguars finish worse than the Seahawks, they probably won't have to worry about the jags taking a qb because they aren't ditching Lawrence that quickly, now if you get a couple teams ahead of you like say the lions, giants, commanders, or Falcons who would definitely want to upgrade at qb, then you'll have to get creative and move up, but even then, sucking would still benefit you because convincing a team to move down say two or three spots, is going to be cheaper than talking them into moving down 7 or 8 spots. Being mediocre is the worst thing to be in the NFL, because you're not quite good enough to make the post season, but you aren't bad enough to be selecting in the top 5 which if you need a qb like Seattle does, that's ideally where you're probably going to want to be next year.

  14. The problem with trying to be near the top of the draft is it’s still a crapshoot if you pick a QB there. The Dolphins bottomed out and got Tua, who they already seem to want to move on from. The Browns were the worst team in the league and got Baker Mayfield, who they already did move on from. Trubisky went second overall, 2015 saw Jameis and Mariota go 1-2, and so on. Baker is actually (as of now) the QB1 in his draft year who’s spent the most time with the team that drafted him - every quarterback drafted before 2018 either wasn’t the first QB off the board or isn’t with the team that took them.

  15. Agreed that if they really stink and Pickett is clearly not a quality starter, they should go after Stroud/Young. I doubt it gets that bad (the talent on defense should keep them in it) but I can't rule anything out at this point.

  16. Murray after Rosen was the right call for Arizona, regardless of what happens for them moving forward. I don’t see Pittsburgh as less likely than Arizona to cut bait on a bust.

  17. Pitt last in the North? They're smoking some good shit in Ohio..

  18. Last in the AFCN isn’t impossible, but we all know it would be because the other three teams went to the playoffs and the Steelers finished 8-8-1.

  19. I'll suck a dick if you give me enough money

  20. I mean, it leaves out a pretty big piece health of the QB. I get Burrow is young and probably not on his mind as his body can jump back pretty quick but as time wears on those sacks will begin to take a toll.

  21. It also leaves out fumbles, which obviously won’t usually happen but would represent a huge change in field position and momentum. And it leaves out the clock running on a sack, but there’s no way he doesn’t factor that in.

  22. It's one of those things I'm amped to get for $5 at a game but I recommend against when visitors say they're buying a 12 pack to tailgate for the experience.

  23. Its niche is “like a domestic but locally made”, and since we’re spoiled for craft beer in NC, there are better local beers to buy if you’re not at the game. Hell, there are even better R&D Brewing beers.

  24. does lamar have high arm strength, all his long throws look like lame ducks that drop short

  25. Does Baltimore have the same QB coach from the Flacco era? Maybe they’re teaching him how to draw a long DPI (“the winners’ completion”).

  26. Yeah...sorry you can't just "aside" 7 fucking rings

  27. Presidential elections aside, who’s the greatest politician in US history? People rank Washington, Lincoln, and FDR highly because they got re-elected but personally I think Taft had the most overall skill

  28. I always hated the Bengals the most. I have too much respect for Harbaugh and Lamar Jackson is too fun to watch play, so the Ravens are just a fun rivalry. The Browns were kind of joyless; either the Steelers beat them, like they’re supposed to, or they lost and it sucked. (Plus, the Browns leaving Cleveland sucked and I wouldn’t wish that on a fanbase.) Steelers/Bengals, especially when they had players like Burfict, you didn’t have to worry about things like respect. Now that they have Burrow and Chase, it’s a different story, so the Browns both getting better and blowing any goodwill they had might make them a better target.

  29. Love how I'm getting down voted. This dude said he'd give up his ring if that meant gays weren't allowed to get married

  30. Is it "panthers still have interest in adding..." Or "the medias still have interest in the panthers adding..." ?

  31. Yes, the fake news media once again doesn’t want to admit The Darnold has Matt Rhule’s COMPLETE AND TOTAL endorsement

  32. Luckily that guy was being satirical. Had us all fooled though

  33. “Haha I was only pretending to be an obnoxious asshole for like a month straight. What a good joke I made!”

  34. It’s always funny when reddit upvotes the reply explaining the joke more than the actual joke

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