1. Ya I would have put chongyun instead of Sucrose because: 1. It makes it all Cryo, 2.Hes with Shenhe.

  2. Leave it to Hoyo to release the best support for Eula (Almost tailor made) and release him without Eula. Not to mention the event is Mondstadt based! I just don't get it...

  3. He barely supports her tho, in actuality he brings more problems to her teams

  4. He would have. Because if you get a weapon that's not on the banner, next weapon is guaranteed to be a banner weapon. 50/50 logic, kinda.

  5. wym just read the leak? this is obviously fake lol

  6. I find that if I don't run zhongli with SS, I drop the stacks frequently. :(

  7. Well I personally think R1 Aqua is enough, and don't think refining it gives that much extra damage. I would only do it for collection purposes, otherwise I would save the primos.

  8. Basically using XQ skill and switching to Yelan to catch the particles so Yelain will get the energy. With sac sword you should be able to do it twice :)

  9. Honestly just go for a CR circlet. I think ur stats will be ok then.

  10. I think you can reduce the CR for more CD. When you ascend her to 90, you will get a bit more crit rate as she ascends with crit rate. Good luck with your build.

  11. Also remember, er is a very important stat for her, especially at c0. If you are below 180 er at c0, I think you will need to run someone like XQ for her energy needs .

  12. I was gonna say crit damage but I just realized you have not fully leveled your aqua. with that maxed you should get +20 more. I would still farm a bit more and get Cr and cd a bit higher. Er seems good for c1.

  13. How is ER worse with the Elegy xD Either way, I like the aqua build better.

  14. You don't really need c6, as even a well invested c0 is enough to beat all of abyss 12. I would only c6 if you absolutely love one single character, and you are fine with skipping others.

  15. Wait, you can beat Abyss with C0 Yelan? How? Can you teach me your ways?

  16. I do not mean solo, but I have seen Yelan + XQ duo the abyss floor 12. Sorry if there was a confusion.

  17. No offense by comparing Yelan to XQ, in fact I meant it as a compliment rly. I would say XQ is the strongest 4 star in the game, as he enables so many different team comps. What I meant to say was you can go for XQ and save for Kazuha if you want. XQ is incredible :)

  18. I think I am just in love with Yelan gameplay xD

  19. If you like a character you should go for it tbh. And You won't regret pulling Yelan anyways. But I understand it's a tough choice :)

  20. Is there a new pet which can be obtained recently? I think I saw a coop player have a new pet, if so how do I get it?

  21. do the new Dirge of Bilqis world quest.

  22. Oh so it's a world quest. I thought I missed something in the event. Thank you so much!

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