1. Lalo knew his call with Hector was tapped, so he implied that he was going to attack Gus, so they put all of their men watching Gus and took them off “lower priority details”

  2. Depending on Howard’s will, he may have bequeathed it to someone .. his estranged wife perhaps.

  3. Interesting point. If she gets controlling interest I’d like to see that played out a bit. I’m sure there are other partners that have shares, but Howard clearly had the bulk.

  4. I remember once watching a U.S. film with French sub-titles where one guy was offering to sell another some "blow" (i.e., cocaine), but the people doing the sub-titles translated it as "blow job," which REALLY changed the dynamic of the scene :-)

  5. It’s like the episode of Arrested Development where Michael accidentally hires a prostitute to work at the firm, and he’s on the phone saying “I think you mean she’s blowing everyone AWAY” … but that’s not what the person on the other end of the call meant

  6. Yeah, I was playing Connect Four with my niece a while back, and after winning the first couple of games I had to let her win the next few, it was painful literally teeing up the win for her and then she would make the totally wrong move.

  7. I like that theory, I thought the same. Jeff might be a red herring, and honestly have no intention of ratting out Saul, but his pal might read up on the story and realize there’s a reward, and end up being the one that Calls on Saul…

  8. Totally. I think that’s why Mike was such an advocate for letting Nacho go in his last few episodes and stood up for Papi Nacho. He definitely felt some weight for the whole thing when Nacho finally died.

  9. It's either that, or he was only willing to leave the Storm temporarily. He's still a minority owner in the team, and when he was brought aboard, he said that he was still involved in running the Storm. And honestly, it was kind of a surprise that he even left the Storm in the first place. In December where there was talks the Canucks were interested, the narrative was that he wasn't that interested in leaving the Storm

  10. For sure. I think he gave this a test-run but ultimately decided he’d rather stick with his other commitments.

  11. Something huge is gonna pop off. I’m not feeling good for Howie at this point… maybe Lalo, but everyone else has plot armour.🤷🏻‍♂️

  12. Fertilized, then incubated, then raised, then beheaded, then plucked, then butchered, then breaded, then fried

  13. Fat. I’ve got plenty of that, an impressive amount even, especially if my girlfriend is with me.

  14. I blocked your Mom because she kept trying to slip a finger in my bum while she was blowing me.

  15. Martin Gelinas was huge for The Canucks when they snagged him in 94. Helped us get to the finals that year and had a few more great seasons before moving on during the Mike Keenan purge of the roster.

  16. They don't do a very good job at swabbing though

  17. He never wanted to get into law in the first place. He opens a small boutique cafe and serves fancy lattes and danishes, and falls in love with a cute 24 year old barista named Stacy.

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