1. Because I like to lie. Why do you ask such a rediculus question and not provide anything to back it up?? Bootlicker 😂 go lick Leo's 🏀⚽⚾

  2. Wow, I really thought it was just me because I dunno 🤷🏼‍♀️ I work in places with hair nets and during covid the masks as well made it really really hard to remember someone when I met them again in the canteen... And names are a nightmare when I start a new job, I have to have a few interactions with them before I'll start to remember and I try to keep addressing them by their first name to try remember it quicker..

  3. It requires a impact driver, which can’t be placed between the frame and the swing arm. Not enough space

  4. You don't need an impact driver but would need to drill a hole in the existing bolt..

  5. Yea, there's admitted a flaw to the logic. It's pretty much baby carrots and blueberries in an attempt to mitigate waste. They seem to last the longest.

  6. I watched a video on this lately, the guy said we can use what ever tools necessary and for him, he buys the little individual packs of pre cut veggies, he said they're a little dearer but a lot less waste so probably actually saves money.. plus he classed it as a tool to help him eat more veggies and not struggle with that anymore. Just a thought

  7. As a lefthanded (ADHD) person, I have actually been told to "grow up and be right handed", and while I found that hilarious at the time (oops?) I guess I never thought about it this way. Huh. Interesting.

  8. Haha yep I've been told that too, what's the big deal, you grow out of that lol.. thanks I'm cured ha. I also had someone tell me, while going through a tough burn out, no sleep for weeks that I just need to shake it off and go for a walk instead of going to bed... I fell asleep on a park bench....

  9. i know this is serious but i can’t help but chuckle at you grouping left handedness as a disability

  10. I also chuckled at the comparison, but I will use them in future on the next possible chance

  11. Not trading, just converted some savings I needed to pay an invoice

  12. Ah ok, that's not great then, I presume that's how they make up for "free" exchange fees then? Even though you've got premium, right?

  13. i recall at the start of Revolut one of the founders saying they both worked in finance and thew knew how exchange worked and the way was being charged for was competely improper and unnecessary - and so Revolut at the beginning offered market-rate, no-fee exchange.

  14. Must have realised how much profit they were missing out on, hard to turn away free money when it's sitting right in front of you I guess.

  15. Hey fellow hanger on-er haha, Im goin to look that up now.. I'd definitely recommend a battery change, I just changed mine about a month ago and at first I thought there was no difference but now it's made the world of difference! It's lasting waaaay longer, not as long as when I first got it but I'd imagine the original ones are better and I've the phone fully loaded now with apps etc.

  16. I'm on poco F1 (still) but if you really like customising I use Nova settings, very customisable and I use 'lines' icon pack. Makes all the app icons look a bit nicer.

  17. I've been using N26 as my main account for a long time now, direct debits come out fine. Any issues setting them up just tell them it's IBAN discrimination if they won't accept it, by law companies within the EU have to accept your IBAN. They can get in trouble for not accepting it.

  18. There has to be a better way! 😂😭

  19. I could literally spend 6 hours researching and creating a more complicated way to do that 10 minute task automatically.. it's torture 😂

  20. Haha brilliant! I hope it keeps making things better for you. Don't forget to capitalise on it and use ADHD specific techniques to complete tasks too, now that you know what helps it'll be much easier to study and understand things doing it the ADHD way as opposed to the way everyone else does it.. For me it's funny since I was diagnosed when I tell people I get the best night sleep if I have a strong coffee before bed. People think I'm lying but it actually helps me a lot! We NEED stimulation to calm down

  21. Nice 😁👍🏻 Can i ask how you didn't lose signal with so much concrete haha. I'd be afraid I'd lose signal and smashy smashy

  22. No idea if it’s linked to ADHD but I wake up throughout the night most nights. Not particularly startled, just wake up about 5-6 times a night for no reason. It’s super annoying! Takes forever to fall back asleep, as you say. I wish I could offer some advice but I really don’t know how to overcome it.

  23. Have you ever tried coffee before bed? If I have a few nights like you describe I'll have a strong coffee before bed, seems to help stimulate me enough to sleep. Or last night I had an energy drink and only woke once during the night.. I know, I'm strange. But might be worth a try

  24. Looks amazing! Now go loop it over and over untill it's an hour long and upload it as sleep meditation, relaxing something something and let the views roll in!

  25. tldr; Voyager Digital, a cryptocurrency broker, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. The company is not FDIC-insured, despite its advertising that customers are guaranteed a full reimbursement if their funds are compromised due to the company or its banking partner’s failure. Voyager blamed defunct hedge fund 3AC for its troubles, saying 3AC has not repaid a $650 million loan.

  26. Way to go, your wife just got taken advantage of and all you can do is worry about yourself. How it might affect you, how it might put you in danger?!

  27. wow thanks a lot man! I've always hesitated to post a video on reddit lol you know how the fellas can be on reddit haha But I really appreciate that! A little encouragement goes a long way!

  28. Keep on posting man, I think it's great. Don't let the one or 2 Debbie downers hold you back 😁 they have the loudest voice but it usually means nothing. Now get out there and make some videos

  29. youre the best! I wish I had some awards. Just know that some guy on the northeast coast of the US thinks youre the best today lol

  30. Haha brilliant. I've been called a lot worse so this is definitely a good day 😂 I'll give you an award instead 🏅

  31. Paper hands and scared money. They should've never been in crypto in the first place I think. I'm maybe a bit biased towards CRO but I genuinely do think they're going to do better than most. There has to be some give and take, yeah rewards etc are brilliant but let's be real, there'll be tough times like what we have now and belts need to be tightened to stay above ground.

  32. Similar story to myself, spent years on lexapro for my depression and anxiety. I wasn't happy with just that, it didn't really help me understand myself any better. Your doctor can refer you for an ADHD assessment, usually with a psychologist or a psychiatrist.

  33. Ah good, that's what I'm lookin at too 😁 I do like the expandable storage on the F1, I use a 128gb memory card for hoarding pics videos and movies 😂 I just pop it in the laptop and reorganise it. Suppose it wouldn't be a deal breaker either to be fair 😂

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