1. Was there ever a formal collaboration between Rick and Chrome Hearts? Or are all the Chrome Dunks custom by CH themselves?

  2. There was an actual collab on multiple shoes I think this one’s just specially done

  3. Yes. There are actual brands who sell rep (dupe) perfume and who specialise in doing so i.e. Dua, Armaf, etc.

  4. What I would mention, is that Dua and Armaf are not making “reps”, or reps as we would know it. They are established fragrance houses that create clones. Their ingredients are not up to par with what they are cloning, but they are also not made in someone’s shed where the guy acts like a mad scientists using posion.

  5. I'm confident that it's mostly my fault cause I laced them quite loosely. I'll try to tighten it up and hopefully it stops. I just love these that much that I'm willing to go through a bit of pain as long as I don't stain the sock liner again

  6. My go-to tip for breaking in shoes is to wear thick socks, maybe even double up if it fits. Until I feel confident the sneakers have formed to my feet, I just do that. It takes about 3-4 days/wears and you should be golden.

  7. I don’t have a sensitive nose, however there’s two that my nose has a hard time with. An ingrendient and a type of fragrance.

  8. YSL Kouros - From the bottle it smells green, nice and fresh, fougere. But as soon as I spray it, the civet takes over and sadly turns into what people call the urinal cake smell. I am trying so hard to like it, but thus far, I have been defeated.

  9. I have one of the basic silver chains which i got on sale end of last season and i love, not as interested in much of the other stuff as it's mostly made of brass at a very high price point - which to be honest is what a lot of other fashion brands do but still just doesn't interest me

  10. It’s why I advise people against buying designer jewelry. You really are paying for the name most of the time. Rick’s designs are obviously better and more intricate, but it being made of brass, not worth the price.

  11. Love the fit! Is the clutch able to hold anything? It seems so small. Would actually love to have a detailed look.

  12. I would say this list is perfect. You obviously can’t declare a single fragrance THE BEST MEN’S FRAGRANCE EVER, as throughout time they come and go. What was popular in the 50s will absolutely not be liked by 90% of men today. Each one of these swept men all over the world and became a best sellers in their time. Kudos for the list!

  13. I store them in a cupboard beside my bed, in their original boxes. My room is dark as is, it has no windows so almost no sunlight get is. My collection is not huge, it is just getting big enough where I will likely have to get some shelves put on my walls within the next purchase or two haha. It will free up some space and look nicer.

  14. Oh nooo! Not in the shower!! That is a crime! Due to sudden and extreme temperature changes and humidity, storing fragrance in the bathroom is doing harm to the fragrance molecules within it. I would highly advise you to relocate them to an ideally darker place where the temperature is relative constant. Otherwise a shelf in your room should do.

  15. My main question is: if and when the producer's costs go down again, will they actually reduce the retail prices or are these prices the new minimum?

  16. I think about that fairly frequently, like surely prices will go a little bit down, it can’t stay as is forever if they are too high for the everyday person. And sadly realize that whatever goes up, will either stagnate or go up even more…

  17. I love fancy coffees, they're pretty much the only thing I spend my money on. I'd always be excited to find a fiver lying around or in my pocket as it meant I got to pick up a nice treat on my way. These days, if I want to order some nice coffee with a flavour, alternative milk, or iced coffee, there's a big chance the fiver won't cover it. This applies to both big chains and local cafés. (I'm in Dublin city centre so the prices seem to be even higher)

  18. I am a barista and whenever we raise prices I just feel more and more embarrassed. We are highly ‘encouraged’ to sell flavors for drinks that cost an extra of €0.70. Someone with an oat vanilla latte is paying around €5.60 now. When people see the price, I can sometimes see the shock on their faces and I feel bad for them.

  19. The only time the weather in Ireland is a pro and not a con. We can have an endless conversation about it.

  20. I feel like the entire Replica line gets looked down on, but I don't care. I'm not looking for fragrances with a lot of sillage, and I appreciate the creativity behind them.

  21. It’s either people love the line and hold it on a pedestal or hate it out right. But I think it’s more like than dislike overall.

  22. The “they don’t know I am wearing Rick” meme personified💀

  23. I know it’s the go-to answer, yet still, Sauvage. Guys that wear Sauvage think 3-4 sprays are just not enough. They always have to wear half a bottle that chockes me out.

  24. My boyfriend is one of these sauvage guys… just upgraded him to Bond no 9 Sutton Place 😎

  25. Not discontinued. Very hard to find as middle east exclusive. 99% not coming to U.S. I was obsessed for months and months until I finally found a sample online. First sniff was amazing and I was lucky to purchase from Selfridges (shipping to U.S.) last summer for $275ish. BEST RELEASE OF 2022. BABYCAT IS LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. I talked to an SA, when I asked him to try, he told me not to fall in love with it as it had been out of stock since Christmas. He said YSL didn’t expect it to become such a hit and underestimated sales. Though, I gotta say, the hype is real. It is sooo good. I try to avoid expensive fragrances because I already spend a lot of money on fashion in general and I can’t afford to have 2 expensive hobbies all at once lol. But it is really good. I want to eat myself when smelling it!

  27. Is this Supervalu/centra? Absolute fucking joke. Picked up a basket of groceries from Supervalu last weekend, nothing mental just dinner items for that day, and a selection of sweets/crisps for kids. No alcohol or anything, came to over 60 euro. Only time I've ever done it in my life but I told the cashier, sorry but absolutely not. Went to Tesco got the EXACT same items and 6 cans, between the clubcard and a 5 euro voucher I paid well under 30

  28. I only go to Supervalu if I want a laugh. The single thing that costs less than at Tesco or Lidl was Pringles, by a big margin actually. They sell them for €2 each, whereas Tesco is asking €3.85 for one, but has a deal going on where if you buy 2, they come out to €2.25 each if I recall correctly.

  29. Is that an infinite money hack? “You’ll refund me because I know I am not lying.”

  30. I thought I was gonna be an asshole for saying it but… true!

  31. Get any of the Valentino Born in Roma fragrances. I disagree with where the Valentino Uomo line started going, but it’s hard to not like the fragrances. Sweet and also fresh.

  32. To give context, this is the explanation behind the collection with the bottom paragraph being the designer’s own words explaining it further:

  33. A hit or miss for me. I only own two, Vibrant Leather EDP and Rose Gourmand and oh my! Rose Gourmand is so addictive. I smelled it on my co-worker and was obsessed, had to get it for myself and not too long after, my girlfriends niw wants it too! Beautiful jammy rose with sweet notes, almost like candy. To my nosec it is like a less refined and sweeter Louis Vuitton Fleur Du Désert.

  34. The duty free prices at least in European airports are higher than at discounters (including the shipping fee).

  35. Not always true, often they have better deals for certain fragrances. Plus, some duty frees have fragrances you can hardly get anywhere else. Found Dior Homme Parfum a few times, D&G The One Luminous Night and so on.

  36. saw these in nyc’s store displays, sick af. the textile r just🤌🏻🤌🏻

  37. Do you by any chance know the price? I know Farfetch sells anything from any boutique and the seller can price them at whatever they want. I am sure these are not more than a couple grand retail??

  38. nah…I’m afraid to ask💀 ik it will be in a holy price

  39. After looking, it seems like ALL the Paradoxe items are within this price range. Holy shit.😭😂 I understand designing these took a long time, making them even more. But even if I add the Rick name to it, I don’t see why they are 30k lol. Most expensive cotton pants⁉️

  40. I have 2 versions of the boots and just got the new platform sandal version with the studs and gradient heels in the yellow and black. They are actually easy to walk in. Finally a good summer shoe. Highly recommend those too.

  41. I tried the Spartans and could not walk in them at all. I’m good with platforms but my ankle kept twisting. So I was so happy when he came out with this style this year and they were easy to walk in. I live in hot weather so wearing boots year round is tough.

  42. Oh wow, never expected that. I am glad you at least found an alternative for yourself! I don’t wear open shoes even during summer, even though I know they would do me good. And so picking up a pair that is so cool and fits into my style would be amazing. I am hoping Rick decides to make them in men’s sizing too.

  43. Tom Ford Noir Extreme without a doubt. I loved it as soon as I smelled it, lately it grew on me a whole lot more.

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