1. So a guy for whom the forward pass was a daring new invention, who never had to drink from the same Gatorade as black players who played against white dudes with offseason jobs, who won all of his games before integration and the merger

  2. I’m sure it’s part that, and part their god awful WR core. I mean, there’s no question, I’m taking a gig with Mike Evans and Chris Godwin any day over whatever slop the Ravens are going to toss out there. Plus Baker struggled under monken in 2019, why go back to that instead of playing for the Bucs new OC who just resurrected Geno Smiths career.

  3. Remember, when whatshisname tried to look it up it was “classified”. It’s sensitive information and kept under wraps. Partially standard security, partially corruption\espionage.

  4. Look, I understand wanting to wean your kid off a security blanket at the age of 15, but hiding it is the biggest AH move ever, bro.

  5. Being tried even in a war tribunal setting can take multiple years. There’s real life events that show this as there were high ranking Nazis that didn’t get tried for multiple years after WWII ended.

  6. That's fair, but why would there be no official follow up? Those Nazis that awaited trial were held in prisons, not sent on trips in shuttles across the globe.

  7. I'm not going to hold out hope that they'll elaborate on this because the show runners appear too busy stuffing the content with cameos and fanservice; which is all fine and well for fans of *Rebels* or *The Clone Wars*, but between the drip method of divulging info on Gideon and the over-long Pershing segment (seriously, that could have been a lean 10 minutes instead of the 45 it got), this show is drifting away from the tight linear storytelling that worked for the first 2 seasons.

  8. I think their main audience these days are people in their late 20s to 30s with a job and family and like 30 minutes to play in the evening.

  9. Which with a 70 bucks starting price is also not necessarily teenagers

  10. No, but many gaming teenagers these days have a parent who is/was a gamer themselves.

  11. Thrawn is possible, Sabine definitely didn't.

  12. If Thrawn was possible, he'd be engaging in a military campaign to take down the weak, feckless New Republic, not wasting his time with Gideon.

  13. There’s a small surface lot next to the Renaissance garage on Superior that would fit the bill. Less security than a garage but pretty visible.

  14. The garage under it has overnight parking at a reasonable rate. It's the lot that Terminal Tower residents use.

  15. I doubt they would be able to find parking there. Its almost always full.

  16. A small part of me wonders if this is meant to foreshadow Ashoka and Sabine in a later episode. Sabine is the only other famous mandalorian currently unaccounted for. I don’t think they sprung Moff Gideon from prison, but maybe there’s a reason why they brought him along with them and have to keep him alive somehow.

  17. I swear to god if either get teased in the next episode I might scream also not gonna lie, I thought when Teva was at the Shuttle an Assertor Class Dreadnought was just gonna materialize in front of him

  18. Shit, at that price, I'm buying 2 cases. One for me, and one to give out as gifts to people I know will appreciate it.

  19. Came home and tried a small pour. The band-aid note is real lol. Not to off-putting though. I definitely like the palate more than the nose. I think I can get into this.

  20. I will say that it's not my favorite Islay, but Islays are my favorite by a mile.

  21. I run a 3 PC HF(20%) with a NBBP, System Corruption Mask (15%), Deathgrips (10%) and the Gunner Spec (10%) to get to 55%, and it let's me use the Scorpio for CC.

  22. Blizzard is totally aware of this. There are dozens of you and millions of OP.

  23. While not at the 10k hour mark, I probably sunk 5k into D2, and am well into my 40's.

  24. Well, looks like PoE and PoE 2 will be the game for you. The days of breaking out spreadsheets and slapping on your glasses are gone for the diablo series.

  25. I may not have phrased it properly, but I'm a big fan of what I've seen from D4.

  26. Thanks. Those are fair points, I just don't see the value that Lamar sees in himself.

  27. All the games he’s missed have been in the last 2 years. And one could argue he missed most last year from being angry over his contract. This nonsense he’s injury prone is bs

  28. It's usually bad early in the morning because the checkpoint doesn't open until 4, but there's a lot of early flights. This is also peak spring break season.

  29. Our office is a literal ghost town with all the people tra eling for spring break.

  30. The problem with all of these theories is that Thrawn has no reason to bring back the empire and it would be a complete 180 on his established character

  31. Are there any major examples where he has gone against the books?

  32. Not so much, "against" but the character diverges from established patterns and traits.

  33. There's nothing more enjoyable than touring & tasting at smaller regional distilleries.

  34. Lakewood for me. Both West Siders with similar backgrounds/upbringing.

  35. A quick question, is going to a bar alone and talking to a group accepted? I’m new to the country so just trying to figure things out.

  36. Good for him I hope he has a great season except against us. Genuinely. I love the big guy and am still sad he’s not sockin dingers for us still. Imagine how far we could’ve gone last year if he figured it out again?

  37. Or... extend a bat out from that hand and keep the linear form going?

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