1. I had a chat recently with a friend who I believe sounded absolutely FA when it came to relationships.

  2. I had a chat recently with a friend who I believe sounded absolutely FA when it came to relationships.

  3. I wish I'd known this a year ago. Would have saved so much money!

  4. For future reference, when a girl you're texting starts acting crazy the appropriate reaction isn't to panic and instantly doormat yourself to please her, it's to go "wtf, this person is being unreasonable, I'm certainly not gonna put up with it".

  5. I think I’m very asymmetric and my right side is squished together. My teeth slant towards the right too but when I saw an oral and maxillofacial surgeon, he said my jaw was normal. I’ve worn Invisalign for 2 years now and the slant will not go away ;( the first picture shows how off my midline is. My chin also slants to my right side.

  6. Funny that you say that, because he claimed she’s a crazy crack head apparently. And also, why would she just randomly talk like that if he wasn’t possibly engaging in talk that with her?

  7. I agree. Part of the "healing while in a relationship" is indeed putting in practice what you've learned by walking away when it's clear a relationship isn't good for you (and in fact not entering a relationship at all when it's clear from the get go that it will be a disaster, not sticking around for vague situationships, etc).

  8. Then have an open relationship or don't have a relationship at all, don't be a lying scumbag and claim it's "for freedom".

  9. Cheating is a symptom of someone being a lying scumbag with no character.

  10. That's likely true for many. The question is more whether you're okay with a relationship where your partner is ghosting you for months on end, amounting to pretty much half the year.

  11. That honestly makes me sad to think that maybe he was going the extra mile for what he saw as a "test" I suppose it's something i'm going to have to consider though...

  12. Somehow you're glossing over the fact that he thinks you're a liar.

  13. Ugh. Glad I'm not the only one but this does make me sad for the future.

  14. So you supporting him financially and he's just sitting around doing nothing instead of packing?

  15. NTA. totally agree that this was planned and they've been talking in secret.

  16. I keep reading about all the perks people get from their credit card and I'm so bummed that in my country we get nothing...

  17. you realise that what is saying is that it makes HIM uncomfortable because he's ogling your wife and getting horny, right? Easier to call her a jezebel than to actually, idk, stop gawking at her ass.

  18. I'm always travelling through so for me a paper calendar doesn't work.

  19. Yikes. I'm a traveller and honestly, it's madness that someone is already planning all of that with a total stranger. She clearly doesn't understand what a hookup is and is waaaay jumping the gun. I'm secure and I would be absolutely put off and run in the opposite direction.

  20. 💯my therapist told me about intermittent reinforcement a year ago and it was like a huge lightbulb moment. Apparently the effects of intermittent reinforcement are more profound than positive reinforcement.

  21. Totally! Did you read about the experiment on mice about intermittent reinforcement? It was super disturbing and really explains A LOT about how powerful it is

  22. I have not! But that reinforces my therapist’s discussion that this is something that transcends the human experience and is observable and documented all across the animal kingdom


  24. I think people should absolutely be involved in the exchange of belongings. Do nof under any circumstances meet up alone with someone who's behaving in a hostile manner after a breakup. Do you have any idea how many people use the "last meeting" as a chance to kill the ex partner? Entirely too many.

  25. It's going to be painful but LET IT GO NOW. The rewarding feeling you get when they finally give you attention will leave you in a vicious cycle that will just never end. I WISH I listened to that tiny voice of doubt at 6 months but I kept making excuses for them and am just now walking away from my DA after 5 YEARS of that painful cycle. You are worth SO MUCH more than the pain that's going to come if you keep this relationship.

  26. I agree. There's no point in sticking around because who knows maybe someday he might possibly love you.

  27. Tbh, I've been through breakups before so I knew that even though it was going to hurt like hell, of course I would eventually move on and be fine. I've done it many times before. So it was just a matter of hanging in there waiting for it to get better with time - which of course it did, as always.

  28. It can absolutely be a consequence - I suffered from anxiety and anxious attachment for a long time after escaping narcissistic abuse from an ex. I think it's totally understandable because the trauma is horrendous.

  29. Tbh, I think at some point it boils down to pride and self respect.

  30. NTA, and she's lying to you. How did the picture of your mosaic accidentally end up in her portfolio where that person saw it? Don't believe her lies.

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