1. It’s actually insane to me that people care this much about capeshit, like at least be pretentious about black and white films or the works of William Boroughs why are you picking the most plebeian brain dead shit of all time

  2. I'd rather be simple than pretentious, if that's what you're getting at.

  3. there’s definitely a middle ground between the two that should be strived for, i think

  4. Immortal Joe if I remember correctly.

  5. I was hoping this overly horny piece of memetic crap would be put where it belongs. Thank you

  6. See, the worst thing about running on a bowl of noodles, is that everyone expects you to behave as if you didn't.

  7. I hope DC Elseworlds movies succeed so Marvel can produce stories that aren't tied to the MCU or use different iterations of characters

  8. Franziska does some cool whip moves in order to intimidate Dr. Grey, but Grey just pulls out a gun and shoots her. Sorta like that one scene in Indiana Jones.

  9. Franziska whips Turner to death, while screaming "FOOLISH FOOL OF A DOCTOR!"

  10. Damon: Well, Mister Doctor. Think you can bring some of them demons into courts for trial?

  11. A fine-tuned case with some of the best moments in the entire trilogy, as well as important backstory and character development.

  12. Who thinks killmonger, questioning klaue, outsider and killmonger's challenge are some of the best pieces from the first film?

  13. The new Captain America doesn’t kill Nazis, he makes a lukewarm speech about how they ahould consider not being a Nazi, maybe, possibly, if it fits in with thier plans still.

  14. It is quite fucking hilarious that even though Maggey is a police officer in JFA, she seems to be the most out-out-place person as a counsel in the FRANCHISE!. And that's considering we have people like Maya, Trucy, Kay and Pearl as assistants!

  15. I seem to be the only one who voted for the composer's skill... And that is because I believe the most voted option - the ability to enhance the moment with the music - comes directly from the artist's skill.

  16. I hope they used non-toxic fur dye to turn Hemlock pink like that (unless that's Hemlock's natural fur)

  17. Well, as you see, Dahlia is quite unsure - she is fairly staggered by the range of choices - but I'm sure Kristoph will keep an open eye.

  18. 'For the entirety of my life no one ever cared for me... except Dogen. So the only thing I ever lived for... was myself.' - Simon Keyes (paraphrasing Dahlia Hawthorne in Bridge to the Turnabout)

  19. "The only time a lawyer might weep is when the battle has ended. Do not allow your mind to be clouded by mourning, Justice, lest you should lose that battle" --Kristoph Gavin

  20. Much as I agree with you, you could have done without the "you guys are just wrong" thing. They are most certainly allowed to their interpretation of things.

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