1. M1 Air is pretty good but nowhere near a ThinkPad. The Air aluminum shell dents and dings easily. A Webcam cover can Crack the cover glass of the display. And forget any liquid in the keyboard area. Aside from obvious damage though, the Airs are generally very well made for general use.

  2. It's still the best Moto for the price. Best Buy has it for $350 right now.

  3. Best buy also has the edge 2021 for $349, and unless a person needs the Stylus the Edge is the overall better pick.

  4. Edge 2021. Faster than the Stylus 5g , with better cameras and battery life, will Get the same duration of updates as 2022,Stylus 5g.

  5. oo is there a reason you’d recommend the m1? i’m currently using the macbook air 2020 (with intel i think), and it’s been ok so far.

  6. M1 is WAY faster, far more power efficient too, and much more capable of things that create sustained CPU loads like video conferencing, video editing, gaming. The 2020 i5 is notorious for thermally throttling due to its undersized cooling system. Apple is also already releasing some feature that are not available on Intel machines.

  7. Unless the 16 size is too large, the LG hands down is the better laptop. the 2020 Air with i5 is considerably underpowered compared to LG.

  8. The use case you describe is RAM-intensive but not likely CPU-intensive. Any decently modern 4-core or higher laptop with at least 16GB of RAM should be able to handle this.

  9. Don’t get the 4GB/64 version. 4GB of RAM isn’t enough and neither is 64GB of storage. The 6/128 is a much better long-term value proposition and worth the upgrade price.

  10. Thank you! Yep, read many reviews regarding the 5g version so I decided to stay away from that. Just ordered 6/128, so good to know I've made the right choice

  11. Interesting. There have been several reports of this happening with the DCT at low mileage, and at least some hints that the cause was under (nor no) filling of oil in the wet-clutch system from the factory.

  12. Did you go to the battery info in settings and see what is using the power? You should find out from there where your battery drains are. I also suspect it may be a weak cell signal.

  13. I tried both the Z13 and the X13 and stuck with the X13. It's actually lighter, thinner, and just more practical as a laptop. It doesn't require the delicate balancing act the Z13 does if you don't have a flat surface handy.

  14. Same. Z13 looks cool but it is an awkward tablet and an awkward laptop. The X13 on the other hand is a fantastic laptop and at least as good as a tablet.

  15. Do you use your phone a lot as "a phone" including a lot of one-handed tasks like firing off a quick text? Stay with the Fold.

  16. The book cover keyboard is the tale of two parts. Part one is the magnetic back panel with kickstand and stylus cover. It is very good, very useful, and nearly a must have. It works well and let's the tablet stand at a wide range of angles. This part gets an A- score from me.

  17. You're taking a risk with a 5 year old battery even without the notorious keyboard issues. It is also close to being obsoleted by Apple due to its age and CPU. Are you sure a M1 MacBook Air wouldn't work? They are $849 new at BestBuy and will literally blow the doors off this MacBook in everyway without being much bigger or heavier.

  18. My O2 Sat graph looks horrible after the last App update in this view. Yet the trend summary In Fitbit premium still looks fine. I think Fitbit borked something in this view. Either that or Fitbit is finally showing ALL the O2 sat sensors data and it’s highly unreliable. Which could explain why Fitbit never permitted on-demand O2 sat…

  19. Now that it has finished after your power cycle, open up terminal with admin rights and type sfc /scannow and let windows do an error check.

  20. Right now I would get the 14” M1 MacBook Pro 16/512. On sale at bestbuy foe $300 off makes it the same price as the M2 MacBook Pro and the 14” is a far better machine.

  21. You're saying, 1-second to open a device is a barrier to use. That clearly means that you cannot find sufficient reason to justify a dual-screen device. A slab phone is more your style, and you've stuck with it

  22. This is ONLY true if the Duo is already out and in your TWO hands. If you can open a closed Duo with one hand in one second I’d love to see a video of that.

  23. The time it takes to pick the device up, you can also open it during that motion. The always slower part, again you're talking a second. This slow part is not a barrier to purchase for anyone that can justifty the use of a dual-screen device.

  24. "The time it takes to pick the device up, you can also open it during that motion." Yes, IF you use two hands. Two. Hands. This is an annoyance for many people. It may not be a barrier for you, but that doesn't invalidate how others feel about it.

  25. For your use I’d actually recommend one of the M1 Pro-based MacBook Pros. You are already pushing your Max past MacBook Air levels with heavy memory pressure and video editing. The Air is not designed for heavy video editing, so that leaves the M2 MacBook Pro.

  26. That's not a great accuracy level, even for wrist-worn GPS moving around a lot. I

  27. Agree - the base M2 MacBook Air is not a great choice for any serious gaming.

  28. It’s a bummer. The Book Cover Keyboard is ‘OK’ and I like that the keyboard can be easily detached while the back plate with the kickstand stays on. But it is unusable in a lap.

  29. Why not read the other 69,420 previous posts in this sub on the same topic?

  30. Is it as disappointing as YT are saying? No. It is fine for most users.

  31. It is really tough. My dealer won't allow a pre-order, and instead has a 'waiting list' of interested parties who get called when a new unit shows up....but...the first person called seems to jump on the sale and so practically speaking nobody on the wait list gets called. Certainly no inventory and 'market adjustments' to price are still unfortunately a thing.

  32. Since your laptops seem to die a premature death, I'd go for a cheaper version. The base model MacBook Air M1 is available for $849 at BestBuy. It is a great machine and I think you will be very happy with it.

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