1. well then the only one is Vince but I won't be surprised if he's also returning from the dead

  2. spend every cent i got on resources, can food, water and wood for winter and set up a fence and board up my house also get crops for spring so i can sit out at least a year and wait for the initial chaos to blow over.

  3. Different font totally doesn't give away that the meme was stolen and edited

  4. his face is made for a beard

  5. In my country, we eat python. You think Nene can cook one?

  6. Малка, но силна и сплотена!!1!

  7. откъде пък го изкара че е сплотена :D

  8. котки и кучета overrated fr

  9. it's probably not satire Twitter is that stupid

  10. not something people should make fun of the guy is clearly devastated after that experience

  11. the story was boring probably the worst among zombie games

  12. i understand people who want the actors to look like the character but people who hate based on the actor's looks is dumb as shit

  13. who said it's about NoFap

  14. imagine being offended by a number

  15. One of the best shows of 2023. It came out early january. Not really saying anything lmao.

  16. in the past 5 years only 2 or 3 worth watching shows come out in a year so they are probably right lmao

  17. is going to the future even possible since it hasn't happened yet

  18. i wish they were as good at making cars as they are with marketing

  19. wonder if it will have more episodes

  20. Yeah it said bigger and that was my thoughts

  21. that could mean it's just more fights, more character development etc but im hoping it also means more episodes

  22. Did this guy not age or is it just me?

  23. his beard and bandana just changed color

  24. bro is patient zero of a zombie apocalypse

  25. that's his head canon it's not something that was supposed to be in the game btw

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