Aaron Judge hits home run #62, a new American League record!

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[Game Thread] Kansas State @ Oklahoma (8:00 PM ET)

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  1. Would rather see Freeman than Arias at this point, even though Arias probably has a higher ceiling

  2. I wanted Drew Waters when we were dangling pitchers

  3. Now that season was the definition of coast to an easy division title then get rekt by a real team*

  4. There was nothing really fun or memorable from that season, except that comeback against Houston on Memorial Day

  5. You guys only want Gregg Williams because he’s fiery and forget he called a zero blitz when he was the jets to lose the game when they should have ran prevent

  6. Don’t care who’s playing quarterback, stupid penalties and stupid defense will not allow this team to get to where it wants to go

  7. We’re going to lose to two of the worst teams in football

  8. They don’t they lose the game most likely. That’s a big gamble.

  9. Knowing what we know about the Browns defense I would go

  10. That inning took me back to the Wickman/Borowski era.

  11. The Bengals uniforms are the equivalent when your printer runs out of colored ink

  12. Sucks 92.3 is losing Chico. He was the only one on that station that actually talked baseball.

  13. NASCAR should just shorten this race. Twenty more laps and that’s it

  14. Talladega: “I’m the wild card race in the playoffs.”

  15. Mac looks like he’s drinking again with how some of these throws looked

  16. The real Manhattan is in Kansas and does not have rats.

  17. Literally nobody is saying this, my guy. Venables has us looking better than we have in years.

  18. I feel like Venables is a bridge coach. If the starts losing and UT continues to win. You know OU will throw a bunch of money at Heupel

  19. We have a good passing game, so we’re going to run on third and long

  20. Games are a lot harder when you’re not playing Hawaii every week

  21. So, they bulldozed a band box and gave us stadium that’s impossible to hit homers

  22. If I told you after three games we would be 2-1 would you take it????

  23. Let’s see if we can blow it with 36 seconds left.

  24. Honestly surprised no team has tried to onside kick against the Browns earlier in the game

  25. We’ll always have that night in Pittsburgh Priefer.

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