1. God damnit! Wilt Auto along with too many to name are crazy!

  2. One day I’d love to own the epic signatures wilt too. Plus a rookie.

  3. Don't know that one . . I always thought yours was the one to have!

  4. I love this sub… one of the rarest cards posted in the last week, and only a handful of people have any idea what it is, how rare it is, and why it’s special. Awesome card. I’ve been looking for a reasonably priced copy for years.

  5. This is grade worthy if its your thing. I have a bgs 9.5 of this card. Borders was 10. Centering 9.5 - yours looks identical to mine.

  6. It definitely should be worth more . . They don't make his RPAs anymore but I guarantee Panini will make that same triple logoman next year since the chase was so popular!

  7. I have an 86 57 PSA 9, Magic/Bird rookie PSA 5, 96 TC Kobe PSA 9, and now this! I'm so stoked!

  8. This fucking guy again. How many times do I have to tell Peterbug_d to die in a fucking fire while being bitten by thousand of fire ants at the same time while trying to pass a baseball sized kidney stone? Fuck you bot and fuck your creator and Peter bugy. I spit on your parents graves for giving birth to you and I hope they died of fucking ebola.

  9. Knew Kidd was a great defender but Paul 7x 1st team? Wow!

  10. Kidd is five time 1st team all-defense and four time 2nd-team

  11. The 2 different ways in the one touch is killing me lol

  12. It really is one of the nicest autos that I have seen!

  13. That is an awesome card! Mine is somewhere in my post history if you want to check it out!

  14. This is a very nice card good luck if you're bidding!

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