1. Bloom Medicinals has 20% off all Buckeye Relief products this weekend- looks like they have a location in Seven Mile outside of Cincinnati.

  2. How's the zkittlez!? Been dying for zkittlez in the program, didn't know we had some!

  3. Did it say minis on the menu when u bought it? Going to get some tomorrow and it didn't say minis but sometimes they don't always say

  4. They’ve been having a lot of problems with their carts recently. They need someone else running their lab imho bc how can something that clear taste and smoke like crap? I had a off-yellow clear Botanist cart last week that had me higher than Jake Paul an hour post-fight.

  5. It's horrible I would have trouble sleeping at night selling this shit

  6. Fuck em all wish I could get n'y money back I threw in trash

  7. Thanks for sharing a review on these, been on the fence. The price is usually right when they're on sale.

  8. I just had a strawberry cough it's nasty asf botanical ass non hitting bullshit.

  9. Had this a year ago looked like fire but smelled and smoked liked shit

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