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  1. Said in another thread.. Its not COVID. Other cities around here did just fine aside from the hit to small businesses.

  2. Syracuse just took the drunkest town title from Albany. Yeah Syracuse is better. LMFAO

  3. Grew up outside in a suburb would 100% not recommend. It’s cloudy 100% of the time, the worst weather in the state and super high crime all over! It’s not a good energy. Not a good spot. Moved out when I was 20 and will never go back. My parents still live in the nicest lake suburb and I still don’t like going back.

  4. Syracuse is far from everything. It's not all it's cracked up to be.

  5. Still debating what to do with the huge concrete building in Albany

  6. It works great if your a top guy and your service writer likes you. My service writer didn’t like me because I wasn’t in the group like the other three techs. So I got shit jobs, they got gravy. Fuck you Casey.

  7. Exactly. Fuck you Northeast Acura in Latham NY. Didn't golf so I received all shit tickets. What a horrible dealership.

  8. In Illinois they changed the law so that manufacturers have to pay CP rates for warranty jobs. I was at the training center down there this past spring and some of the guys who live there are doing quite well for themselves. I live in Minnesota and no such luck!

  9. I feel your pain. I work for Acura and yes Acura can get fucked on warranty times. 6.6 for a RDX torque converter is ridiculous. How about those rear diff solenoids that like to break in 2. .5 warranty time.

  10. I’ve always had tiny cars with front wheel drive but GET SNOW TIRES

  11. Everything is pretty spread out so I would definitely say you'll want a car.

  12. Never really looked into it have you? Technically they are cold weather tires not snow tires. All season tires become bricks and are very slick when the temperature drops below freezing. Cold weather tires are much more pliable in freezing temperatures and stick much better. And always in a set of 4.

  13. And made me take a tow from VT to the dealer in NYC where i lived because nobody in between could get the part in less than 2 weeks.

  14. Wouldn’t make sense to tow hours north of Wilmington where it broke to have to wait the same amount of time when it got fixed where I lived.

  15. You may already know... Beak & Skiff is out in a rural community. Others can chime in with experience from a rideshare perspective, but understand it is decently outside the city and near suburbs of Syracuse. Take a look at a satellite image of the area. AirBnB and VRBO are your options for "relatively close".

  16. True. It is in the "middle of nowhere" if you're trying to get to it from Syracuse

  17. Eric the car guy did a rear suspension repair on a pilot of that vintage

  18. Side note, the flat rate hours aren’t the problem, it’s the mentality it generates.

  19. Actually it's both. Flat rate times for warranty are bullshit and you cannot argue that. 6.4 hours for a torque converter on a 17 Acura rdx. If you can get that done congratulations.

  20. Knock it out because the advisor is too lazy to sell a new one.

  21. Nggas are crazy thas why i move to white areas. Feel protected and loved here.

  22. Please continue to down vote. White people are what's wrong with this world

  23. Wow. People deleting comments. Must have been a good one. I am white and hate white people.

  24. Navarino Orchard on Cherry Valley Turnpike! Been making strawberry jam for years from there.

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