1. Being too lazy to use correct grammar and spelling.

  2. Read the material you're studying out loud. It means better retention of the information, because you're reading it, speaking it and hearing it all at the same time.

  3. They will lose it. They will deliver it to the wrong address. They will leave it in the bin on bin day.

  4. 99% of wars are caused by religion, as are terrorist incidents. Non-believers are far nicer, kind-hearted, generous, all round good people. Anyone and everyone who uses their religion to hate on other people is just vile.

  5. Love, love, love Christmas on my own. I make sweet and savoury biscuits, truffles, fudge, eggnog, spiced hot apple juice, plus I eat lots of turkey sandwiches from the turkey I cooked on Christmas eve. I then snuggle up for a couple of days in my Pj's,watching TV and shite and stuffing my face.

  6. That the authorities will likely return you home. You will live on the streets, hungry and cold. You will be beaten up. Forced to have sex. Have to turn to crime to survive. You will wreck your life, and may never be able to make it good again.

  7. I already over 60, living till I'm over 90 and a billionaire sounds good to me.

  8. If your friend enjoyed Harry Potter then I would suggest either The colour of magic by Terry Pratchett, Good Omens by Neil Gamon and Terry Pratchett, or The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch.

  9. If she's fairly well read she may have already read those. I would suggest The Goblin Emperor by Katherine Addison or The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman.

  10. Ooo, not read the Goblin Emperor. I shall go have a look. I was thinking highly likely when I was typing. Something less likely would be Lamb, the gospel according to Biff, or Expecting Someone Taller by Tom Holt.

  11. He is saying: No, woman, no cry. As in woman, stop crying/you shouldn't be crying. You need to see the lyrics written, as then you can see the punctuation.

  12. She is likely to be wearing a 40 because that is the measurement around her torso. The E is the cup size and it sounds more like she needs a 40D or DD. She may have loose straps because they were digging into her. Bra can be rather uncomfortable items to wear, so having your bras properly fitted is a must for all ladies.

  13. YTA - it's, quite frankly, none of your business how your friend talks about his health issues. How dare you presume to tell him he is wrong and is not allergic.

  14. NTA - Have no idea why your wife went overboard like that, but it was not your fault, and your sister needed something to wear. Lending clothes to houseguests for whatever reason is what is known as being a nice person.

  15. Used to love Tom & Jerry when we were kids, Specifically the Fred Quimby versions. Whenever one of his was on the TV, the whole family would "Good old Fred"

  16. The last meal I will ever have with my mother.

  17. If you haven't already, try asking this question in

  18. I am very very allergic to feather pillows I can't agree

  19. It's most likely you are allergic to the dander on the feather, not the actual feathers. Cheap down pillows do not process the feathers to a high enough standard, and the fabric used allows the dander to come through. More expensive down pillows will have had the feathers fully cleaned to remove all dander and will have a fabric with an incredibly tight-knit so that people who are allergic to the dander can use the pillows safely.

  20. This is honestly really cool information! Thank you very much I might go try a high end pillow

  21. Make sure you look at the ones that state they are hypoallergenic.

  22. Edited, because I miss-read the question. I would suggest the Muy Bueno Cookbook. ignore the below stuff.

  23. A couple of reasons. They can be quite costly - Which can be understandable at times, because you are also paying for all the non-lawyer staff in the firm, and you are paying for their knowledge. Then you have them getting guilty people off on a technicality. I appreciate that everyone has a right to a fair trial, but what about the victims? It is the lawyers getting the guilty off scot-free or with minimal punishment, whilst the victims continue to suffer that gets to a lot of people.

  24. “Getting guilty people off on a technicality” — tell me you know absolutely nothing about the Justice system without actually telling me

  25. It's obvious you don't understand, but that is my error. I'm not saying that that is correct. But that is people's perceptions of the law and why lawyers are so vilified. I should have put about perceptions in my first comment.

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