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  1. I lost my ability to experience pleasure thanks to a mini-stroke caused by someone's baseball bat.

  2. Wait so even now you can’t enjoy anything?

  3. Imagine both at the same time , maybe a bj in a mike Adriano way

  4. Honestly i think it was a blond hippy girl havent been able to find it she was hott

  5. Is their a subreddit just for moments like this when girls eyes are white while deepthroating ?

  6. For what an a amazing video why is the music so lame the music should be fucking Radiohead or something emotional

  7. Oh yea….. I remember this girl….. yep

  8. Judging by his shadow, he's also the one filming himself with a 360° camera on a stick.

  9. Why don’t I see the stick in the shot

  10. Doubt it. Nobody is doing 16K video… hell, they’re barely doing 8K, especially not at the kind of frame rates required for this (just the storage required for a single downhill run like this at 8K120 would be 10TB or more of extremely fast solid state) - the one in the gimbal rig is probably a cinema-grade 4K camera with some really nice glass on it. It might be 8K, but unlikely. He’s probably using the gimbal for tight shots.

  11. Somebody knows their stuff, after you called the lenses glass I was like okay, yea this guy is right. Only camera guys know that

  12. Sad because big dogs don’t live as long

  13. There’s layers to this post where only now am I getting what the poster meant. Like I think just cause it’s a screenshot of a post of a post where the poster is also talking about a post I’m still kinda confused tbh

  14. Wait no not that I didn’t mean like “oh who was asking” this was genuinely nice to hear I meant like

  15. “Most spellbinding features” being good. Lol but forreal they were enjoyable but few could hold their own when it comes to artistic merit and worthy of existence. The 3rd imo is clearly the best. Get an auteur(Alfonso Curran) you get good shit. The film was Ana adaptation that played to the strengths of cinema, that’s how it should be. If you’re going to adapt and not be original, make it stand on its own as a work

  16. Nope, unless it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity and my morals are really waning but usually no(it would need to be like my dream movie crush girl etc)

  17. He found Reddit and really seemed to like talking to us. Started posting old videos and telling amazing stories and then some people were dicks too him and he left. Really fucked up. If you haven't seen them, check out his four AMAs. He told some great stories. Like for example, did you Kurt Russell actually directed Tombstone?

  18. Cosmatos directed tombstone I thought

  19. He needs to come down her throat while those big tits are squished on his chest

  20. Nah bruh Roman is a peace of shit and he lied about his tests multiple times, I'm actually surprised that he's still working in the industry. Alex is exactly like Logan imo, the only good thing about him is the fact he's good looking, so I don't feel bad for the girls when they work with him lol, unlike Logan and Mike.

  21. Saw this recently on red gifs. She totally would. Sasha ran so Adriana could walk

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