1. Hey! I am so incredibly sorry this is happening to you. I came across this post while I was reading stories about hackers harassing people. My mother is experiencing some very targeted harassment from someone who got into our wifi, some of her accounts, and keeps sending her a bunch of emails asking for money and that he would stop if she did. Luckily we’ve realized how little of a threat he is, even with his persistence. Reading this post, I can’t imagine how it would feel to be in your shoes. Did you ever hire a PI? Has the harassment stopped?

  2. Most important call law enforcement and your ISP. Make sure you habe a strong password (20 long, random letters with special signs). Don't reuse any passwords and make sure MFA is active. Some goes for your router. It's normally kinda difficult to hack a router because your IP address changes almost every day. Maybe on of your devices is infected so create a backup of the important files you need and than factory reset every device. Be aware of phishing emails and this kinds of stuff. One very important rule is never ever click on a link in an email or download a file if you are not 1000% the sender is the right person. It's very easy to spoof the sender address. If in doubt call there person. And don't let yourself get trickt if the person claims it's time sensitive. And lastly don't be so scared of this "smart super hacker". Obviously he is not because he is not able to hack your PayPal.

  3. This was super informative. Thank you! I already made sure our router was not connected, and we did a hard reset on both her devices. Mine shows no sign of being infected but I may do the same since he kept getting into our internet and wifi account. She’ll be calling the important places in a few hours to explain the situation. I’ll be contacting the police, or fbi, whoever can really help us at this point.

  4. She can go to the police? This is harassment

  5. That’s what I’m trying to tell her. I think she’s hoping it’ll just stop

  6. Yeah that's not a way of getting out of it. She needs needs to contact the police. This kind of targeting is strange, might be someone you know. If your police has some cyber knowledge maybe they can track the perp

  7. I thought this was strange too. My gut is telling me that it’s personal but I just don’t feel anyone would dislike her so much to do something like that. She’s a kind person. I’ll convince her to go to the police station first thing tomorrow.

  8. Honestly, good for him. Your a piece of trash. If you can’t afford the 5$ min tip, you have no business ordering McDonald’s delivery fat ass. I would never threaten a customer but god do I love to hear dasher putting customers in their place for not tipping the minimum. Hope you get robbed 18 yr old petite p*ssy

  9. I’m sorry you’re so insecure about yourself. And yes you would yell at a customer. Have a nice day mate

  10. I’ve experienced a nice tip under the mat, I never yell at customers, 😂 never had or wanted to, I will only yell if they ask me to in the instructions, but 1 upset customer I had I’m aware of in 2700 orders. I wish it would have been me, cash is super rare and usually when someone says there’s cash, I don’t believe it. Only been tipped cash 8 times I believe.

  11. It’s crazy to read all these comments about how dashers don’t typically get cash. Like, only 8 times?? Holy moly why do people say they’ll tip cash and then end up not doing it? Sucks so many people lie about that:( But I also wish the order would’ve been dropped off by you lol. I’m sure you would’ve seen my message and got the tip you totally deserved!!

  12. I've had experience with both sides. Whether you have one or two bengals, your house is going to be crazy loud lol. Our bengal was solo for about a year. He's super energetic. We kept up with playing and taking walks but recently he seemed bored and therefore destructive (and loud). We noticed he would really do well with a playmate.

  13. One of the things that always drew me to the show was the toxic relationship between Adrien and his father, it was really compelling to see a kids' show portraying the damage a bad parent can do and the kind of power and control they can have over their children. Making it be just "oh Adrien was a sentimonster all along" takes a lot away from this message to me.

  14. Valid point, I’d actually be pretty upset too. But I look at it as their way of representing that abuse through like, symbolism. Gabriel and his ring just represents the thing in life that’s controlling Adrien. It feels physically impossible to stand up to his father much like many kids feel in reality. My mother was terrible, I was scared to say no to her. So I can understand how the show’s displaying that feeling

  15. I hope that the person who’s getting fired for this knows they’ve made a great sacrifice. Salute to them

  16. Salute⛄️ they better get a job with dreamworks or sumthin

  17. I know this is like 10 days old but if anyone needs the link to this super pretty piece

  18. I've reached out to support many times and I've always gotten very great answers. The worst thing that could happen is that you get an automatic response, but that sounds a lot better than not receiving the items that you have bought. More people might be experiencing the same issue and it's important to let them know that they exist.

  19. I’m a long time player and have had my fair share of emails with customer service. I’ve had some bad experiences but also quite a few that’s alright. You won’t lose anything from emailing them. Try to see it kind of like a work email, state what’s wrong, how you want them to fix it and be polite about it. I myself have been able to fix multiple problems because of customer service. But maybe again I’ve just been lucky with who I’ve gotten an answer from. Again, you won’t lose anything from reaching out, except maybe those 5 minutes you spend while writing the email.

  20. Good to know, I understand they’re not all bad. I emailed them about an hour after I posted, they’re still taking quite a long time to say they’ll fix the error after around 6 emails back and forth. They seem a bit slow, but as long as you get your money’s worth, time is time🤷🏻‍♀️

  21. Yes!! Easiest way to do it. At least on my part, but only because I’ve been lucid dreaming for so long

  22. I own a few bamboo, they’re one of my favs so hopefully I can help out! bamboo are pretty low maintenance, so besides the tips you were already given I’d say keep them planted in rocks/pebbles only—no soil or dirt or else they’ll start to turn yellow. And some bamboo are really picky about their water, and would rather have clean filtered water then tap (apparently they don’t like the minerals).

  23. Those are some nice trees in the background, I like the cover of the teapot

  24. Haha I love this comment, and tysm:) he’s a little crazy so he does need to be leashed every time we’re outside😆

  25. that would’ve been such a good title!

  26. Formosa Oolong steeped a in caste iron tetsubin🌸

  27. Ferns love high humidity which is why I have mine in the bathroom, they do great! They’re really pretty and usually thrive in shade

  28. It's called hypnagogia. Weird sights, sounds and tactile experiences you get when crossing back and forth between waking and dreaming.

  29. I experience this all the time, it can definitely feel physical. A few nights ago it felt like a bunch of bees flew into my face (and I heard buzzing). I opened my eyes a bit like “wtf Richard, I’m still awake.”

  30. Don’t be discouraged, it sounds like you had a big leap of progress:)

  31. I’d say it’s a heartleaf. I have one that looks similar but has more of a heart shape to it

  32. While the package says "Peach Oolong Tea" it really appears to be more like an 8 Treasures Tea, a variety that consists, as the name implies, of 8 various different ingredients. In yours I see chrysanthemum, jasmine flowers, goji berries, haw slices, tea leaf (oolong?), and sugar crystals.

  33. This looks so pleasing, didn’t even know it was a thing. Amazon here I come

  34. I was actually thinking about a dischidia plant! Never had one before, I heard they were semi-difficult to take care of. Really pretty though, would be worth it

  35. I recently got these two tall ceramic pots for my 18th. I don’t have a lot of hanging plants in my collection, and although these won’t be ‘hanging,’ I thought I’d be nice to have a type of hanging plant to go over the sides in this one.

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