1. Basically had online classes for the past 2 years, I have only went once to pick up my OneCard.

  2. This is commerce. Commerce is the exception to “rankings don’t matter”. Leaving queens for TMU would likely cause millions of dollars in lifetime losses, years of inferior quality jobs, and a much less attractive career. In terms of recruiting, queens outdoes TMU by a massive margin as well. Not even close. It’s not about ranking. Queens is objectively a top tier program, while TMU isn’t

  3. you’re saying that because you go TO QUEENS everyone’s bias here lmfao ryerson isn’t an xyz uni stop making it sound like that lol, also, my cousin did accounting from ted rogers and now works in a renowned consulting firm 😭😭so idk wtf ure on about

  4. you will NEED to work hard regardless where you go, uni isn’t a walk in the park. speaking of drinking and partying, that’s your fault, you need to stay focused and have enough self control, if you don’t prioritize yourself then you’ll do poorly wherever you go whether it’s Ryerson or U of T. However, I do get you, the community at Ryerson might not be the best and this could be a reason you are slacking off lol, why don’t you join clubs or be more involved somehow (actively participate in everything). Nonetheless, if you’re still not satisfied you should definitely try transferring out to more close knit schools ( Western, WLU etc). However, it’s going to be equally rigorous there too. But yes, I firmly believe 18-23 are the most precious and prime years, if you absolutely hate Ryerson then you should fr transfer to the Winter intake or whatever. ( you can try explaining it to your parents, and how it’s impacting your mental health, try working in the summer so you save up enough for the Winter).

  5. If you put in the work you’ll likely do well. I’m an extremely average student (low to mid 80s in hs), but I do all my assignments and attend classes so I’ve managed to make deans list every year while also having time to join clubs and do my hobbies.

  6. yup I got in, I applied like 4 days ago and got in today 😭😭

  7. I did the same thing got in, have u heard anything about how majors will be picked

  8. btm is just one core program. you choose majors in bm and i think u choose it after a year

  9. Rotman apparently takes transfers on occasion, but you would have to be a

  10. york commerce takes like 1-5 applicants out of hundreds from their bcomm program to schulich not a handful lol.

  11. Well, there are 5 fingers on a hand. Which makes a handful. But I guess a handful means something different to you.

  12. Keep in mind btm is a combination of business and like software and coding and all that good stuff. If you're looking for more of the business side and less of the tech and computer side, I would go with Carleton.

  13. yes but if I were to compare carleton mis or info sys with rye btm then rye is probably better ?

  14. it’s like btm but a diff name it’s not as known as rye’s

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