1. Stop right there This isn’t a game You should never EVER wish death on ANYONE Who raised you? I don’t care about your opinions on Jae specifically this is too much even for an anti You can’t just toy with someone’s life like that I’ve lived through too many people taking their lives cause people like YOU and your lack of human empathy can’t shut the fuck up Sorry that’s harsh and I don’t mean to attack but this isn’t you spreading misinformation this is you refusing to have human decency until when? Until someone actual commits the act itself? Fuck off for real

  2. hey guys, since we're no longer allowed to post jae-related content here (w/c is VERY understandable!), if any one's interested, i made an eajpark subreddit. it's still currently on private, but let me know if you wanna join so i can add you and u can maybe check it out (like all the banners and rules and stuff) before i set it to public in a couple of days. im fairly new to making and moderating a subreddit so any criticisms is welcome!! thanks ❤!! (mod, please remove if not allowed)

  3. Ngl I’m a little disappointed by this I understand the logic but I enjoyed seeing people clearly support all 5 and now it’s a game of who’s who again…

  4. Thank you! I just need to get my hands on the day album, although i can’t seem to find it anywhere for a good price

  5. I found my copy from Instagram for 60USD (80 with shipping from overseas 🥲) It’s pretty good compared to other places 🥹

  6. I’m 25 but I found a good variety of carats in a discord server I’m in 🥹 Most are teens but some are in their 20s and I know a few in their 30s as well. Everyone is super nice 😊

  7. Woohyun from Infinite Song from iKon And I.N from Stray Kids! All Feb 8th But no one the same year as me. I’m ‘97.

  8. I was like, 12 So eBay and begging my aunt to buy it ’ I think I might have used yesasia once? It was definitely a lot harder and now that I’m an adult it’s too easy to get KPop merch and I have to relearn self control lol

  9. It makes me laugh every time I remember it! Like why did the number 17 need its own sub?? Why did carats just not make their own sub? Was the takeover easy?

  10. Now people who are really big fans of the number 17 are going to be really confused when they find this subreddit

  11. key being the clown, marge simpson and that i saw the clip of him saying crying in the club, you’re in the club? before i even learned who he was

  12. I knew Key (Shawol since 2009/10) but I still didn’t know that clown was him until like this year

  13. There’s a lot that I agree with already mentioned so I won’t repeat them But I’m surprised no one’s mentioned:

  14. Yeah, that rule is meant to keep out trolls and bots, I think, but it’s such a pain for people who start accounts and wanna join in discussions there right away.

  15. I recently joined Carat twt after staying in a smaller fandom for a while, and I was surprised at how much of my timeline was filled with just posts about streaming and voting and promoting.. Even when i curated my following as much as i could. I don’t mind the occasional post and i always do try to do my part when i can, but it’s just kind of exhausting seeing those kinds of posts be the only thing circulating through the fandom all day. Carats overall are nicer than other fandoms i’ve been in, but there’s definitely some implicit guilt tripping going around at times.

  16. I’ll be honest, as a 2nd gen fan who stopped avidly listening to Kpop for awhile (Like 7 years, I’m almost 25) and just came back to it in full swing like last year, the emphasis on streaming really confused me?? Just because that wasn’t a thing when I first got into kpop. I’m a new Carat, but the push for streaming is really big with 4th gen fans. Which just makes me feel old (even though I’m not THAT old, right? Lol)

  17. omg are you me? (Altho you're younger 🥲) i was active during the 2nd gen. When i came back to my fangirling late 2019... i was shocked with how things changed.

  18. It’s crazy! I remember having to beg my aunt to order me a single album from EBay for a gift and now I can just walk into Target and see all 3 versions for sale! Of course that comes with the caveat of toxic fans getting to be much louder and much larger in numbers 😖. Also glad that there’s someone with a similar experience to me lol. I always feel bad that I missed the era of groups that had members around my age 😂

  19. Popping in really quick to mention The Boyz. Their recent comeback Thrill Ride has them jumping in sync lol But they also have a lot of dope performances from Road to Kingdom and Kingdom as well as just their regular work I’d link but I’m at work 😅

  20. Yay! I have to say, I only signed up for Weverse recently & it’s very intense to get this announcement in the middle of a gazillion Hoshi notifications LOL

  21. I’ve had Weverse for maybe a year now And I still had the same reaction Mans was really just vibing responding to people while getting ready for the album announcement to drop

  22. i'm us-based and i've always used paypal! (so might need to make an account for that!)

  23. Dope! I use paypal too but it didn’t give me the option on the app so I was stumped 😅 I’ll check out those group orders then, thank you!

  24. np!! and hmm there should be an option at the bottom weverse shop for paying with paypal 🤔 it defaults to that for me!

  25. Turns out, it’s because I’m dumb and the app thought I was in Korea since I left the currency for won 🤦🏽‍♀️ lol Thank you though! Im still going to try the group purchase and if that doesn’t work out, I can at least buy it myself now lol

  26. For me, it’s most girl groups I don’t know why but I just don’t end up stabbing them but I vibe with their songs and I’m sure they’re all really nice and funny

  27. I know it’s probably auto correct but, ✨stabbing✨

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