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  1. Me, a lawyer with terrible anxiety, self hatred and more abandoned hobbies than jupiter has moons-

  2. Consult a labor and employment lawyer. You seem like a good guy and hard worker. Amazon doesn't deserve you and I'm sure you can find something better. Good luck to you.

  3. Tongkat messes with my sleep so I try and take it as soon as possible in the morning.

  4. All just veiled threats, not the real battles Israel faces regularly. Germany should feel beyond shame for holding back Leopards.

  5. Germany is under no local threat, Israel is. Plus there are HUNDREDS of ex-IDF soldiers and special forces fighting in Ukraine. I haven't heard of a single German.

  6. Axe Body Spray= My "gym cologne". I like to give myself one blast before I go to the gym. It's pretty much the only use/reason why Axe body spray should even exist.

  7. Pentagon: "We can't give you HARM Missiles because they're not compatible with Migs." Ukraine: "Yuri! Bring me my duct tape!"

  8. You can tell him you think it's a dick move and you don't want to be told these things. However, it's not your place to say anything. If you don't like it, you should just stop being friends with him. In a sense, you would be preemptively betraying HIM just because you think he may betray you. Best to just say tell him your thoughts and then just stay out of it.

  9. As I Lay Dying, Killswitch Engage, All That Remains, Throwdown, The Sword, Lamb of God, August Burns Red, In Flames, Mudvayne

  10. Never chase. Unfortunately you probably got "friend zoned" Because you texted her too much. You should only be texting to set up in person meetings and dates.

  11. I lived approximately 25 years before the rise of social media...plenty of better shit to replace it. Actually meeting and talking to girls in person, the gym, sports, books, TV, movies. It's pretty warped that anyone would seriously choose social media over sex. They obviously never had hot sex with a hot girl. Basically one of the best things life has to offer.

  12. Bang strippers...DO NOT GET INTO A RELATIONSHIP WITH THEM. I know from experience that the vast majority are damaged goods. Besides, their job is all about manipulation and basically pimping themselves out for cash. Not relationship/wifey material.

  13. Dressing decently well and finding the right haircut and a good barber are good, effective, low hanging fruit. ESPECIALLY a nice pair of shoes. I believe that there was a study done years ago that when meeting a man in person, the first thing a women looks at after a man's face is his shoes.

  14. Yes he did. He couldve worded it way more appealing and different. Basically having the third to help them mainly him his fantasy. What does the other woman get out of this nothing. There is nothing appealing about a cpl like this to be some bisexual experiment. I'm a human who has desires too and doesn't want to be used to help fufill the fantasy of how he sees. I've been there done that with cpls just like this treated horribly. So yes. This is why they should hire a sex worker so they can live out their fantasy. Regarding this post it doesn't sound like they have any regards to what the solo female wants.

  15. The post has absolutely nothing to do with you or your experiences. There was absolutely nothing wrong with his wording, it was a fair question not a profile or r4r ad. Is he supposed to get into detail about what the couple is "offering" to the 3rd? Whose to say that they wouldn't be respectful and caring? You can't deduce anything negative from what he wrote. He also said his GF is potentially bi and he said "this fantasy", not "his" fantasy. It can be inferred that it's both of their fantasy and not just his. It's grinding seeing women constantly flame anyone that posts a legit question or comment about ffm/fmf on this sub.

  16. Irrelevant. You totally misread a post, hijacked it to make it about you (probably for attention) and unfairly flamed someone who didn't deserve it for asking a fair question.

  17. As I Lay Dying, Killswitch Engaged, Throwdown, The Sword, In Flames, All That Remains, 22GZ, NBA Young Boy, Biggie, some tech-house/techno.

  18. I would hang out once just to feel her out but if it doesn't go where you want, move on. First off, it's generally best not go back or try to get back an ex. The best thing to is move on like she never even existed. If she says, "why can't we be friends" you say, "I have enough friends and I'm nobodies back-up plan. Besides I'm dating other women and If I date one seriously as a girlfriend, I don't think they would be comfortable with us being friends". It totally changes the power dynamic. Second, women say one thing and do another all of the time. She may say she doesn't want to be a FWB but will probably be down for it if that's what you want. Bottom line is she is testing the waters with you again but maybe stringing you along. If you hang out once and the vibe and situation isn't what you want, cut it off and move on. Your 20. Best time to be single.

  19. Short answer is no. For hypertrophy a good general guideline is no more than 12 total sets per body part per session, 8-15 reps (ideally 10-12) with only the last set to failure. So let's say that you're doing four different exercises of three sets each for chest. For each exercise You want to do a light warm up set in the beginning to pump blood to the muscle and then do two sets with two reps left in reserve and then the last set to failure.

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