1. I understand she has been the best individual but shaming her body is something people shouldn't do. I was a trisha fan and no longer one due to recent drama. But I am happy for her that she is pregnant!

  2. I am having the same thoughts. I haven't had a child of my own but I have 2 stepchildren. Sometimes they are such a handful that I sometimes can't express my frustration. But I do find things to do throughout the day like when they are sleeping I watch a good show by myself and my fiance does something by himself. We both get alone time and feel refreshed. When you are with him throughout the day I would try watching movies you enjoy or music you enjoy and give him something he enjoys doing like drawing? Idk I haven't dealt with 2-year-olds but I bet its tiring. I have a 6 and 5-year-old boy and girl. But there are times where they are my best friends I think having two is a good idea they can entertain themselves lol. I am sorry if this didn't help or if it does awesome! But I would talk with your partner about how you're feeling and go from there!

  3. Yeah he helps. But when I'm in my depression he's not nice about it. He let's me know he's doing it so "you can chill tf out". Basically he doesn't let me forget he'd doing me a favor

  4. So weird do you have a few minutes during the day or night you could take a bath or do something for yourself? It seems since you have had so many kids in such a short time you have a lot on your hands

  5. I smoke some weed after they go to bed and I don't do baths as my showers didn't include a tub

  6. Dang I do think you have to find something that gives you peace I am trying it as well I am sorry you feel the way you do

  7. I feel like lexie should've stayed by being taken to the hospital and she has a miracle recovery but we can't always get what we want!

  8. Well she slept with Jurassic hours before the wedding to Owen and showed up at the wedding like she hadn't done anything so I'm pretty much thinking that she's the one in the wrong here.

  9. Well there's more toxic couples than good ones! Owen always has toxic relationships he is not very good at communication but yea Teddy fucked him over big time!

  10. I absolutely loved Mark and Lexi together. I hate that her character was killed off cause I was hardcore rooting for she and Mark to make it! I think they would have if she would've survived the plane crash.

  11. Hahahaha thats horrible but so true of the writers! They show us that true love doesn't exist!

  12. Can you have this conversation with him?

  13. Hes 27 we've been together nearly 4 years. I've tried the waiting till he gets home but he works from 6am to 5pmits made him upset. I feel like I'm a bad mom because I've never been a parent and I know no one knows everything about parenting but it's like every day is a battle. I don't want to lose him because he treats really well relationship wise. He's loyal and loving but it hurt me so much that he said that. I don't mean to sound mean to the kids I don't I just feel like they are trying to push me away too. Their bio mom left them at young ages if that helps with background. But I'm just tired I work at night and I'm still doing online school. I'm just getting really tired of being the bad guy in the family.

  14. This sounds so unhealthy. It really sounds like was a 23 year old father with 2 kids who scooped up an 18 year old girl to keep as a maid. How did you even meet someone 5 years older with 2 kids while you were still in high school? Was he grooming you before that?

  15. Honestly the i hate you list i agree with beside teddy i think she could go in meh. Stephanie deserves to be at the top though!

  16. Lexie and Izzie. I wish Izzie stayed on the show and I wish Lexie didn't get killed off so early.

  17. But they are portrayed as such which makes their crying scenes even more emotional for he audience!

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