1. I am looking forward to my second Boxy mega drop shop package from the August sale. Should be here tomorrow.

  2. I am disappointed with this edit sale all around. I was desperately hoping for some nice Fall candles. There was one....and it was $23. So glad I cancelled after Fall. Not optimistic about signing up again for Winter.

  3. Ha ha! I just got an email with the seasonal sign up offer. The $150 Kate Spade gift? It's a towel!

  4. This one says “Kate Somerville” … not Kate Spade. Two different brands.

  5. May have been a different offer. There are a couple out there trying to entice people to rejoin.

  6. I am using jasmine now. It is OK, but I prefer the apple blossom and cedarwood.

  7. I love the lip butter, hair accessory and liquid IV. Meh about the rest of it, but not complaining for $7 and change. It is a nice quarterly surprise for the money and it is always a little pick me up.

  8. I love my nail file. I have been using it over a year and it is still holding up. I am not wild about the headband.

  9. Almost sounds like they are trying to cancel you, not the trip. I don't suppose you could be lucky enough that there was a clause about taking cash value "in lieu of" somewhere in the fine print?

  10. You can get the main ingredient 5HTP for like $15 at Target, though it's good to note it has been proven unsafe for long term use. (My doctor had me supplement with it for its pain management benefits, but was adamant that I don't take it for more than eight months at a time with six month breaks.) Though I suspect the actual sleep effects from Sugar Bear is from the valerian root extract, aka natural Valium, which you can get in tea form for like $5.

  11. Valerian root always worked well for me, but the smell.....

  12. Things like this make me so happy I cancelled before auto-renew. I desperately hope FFF gets its shit together so I can feel comfortable rejoining, but it is not looking good.

  13. I use the bag for work… I carry my laptop, lunch and snacks in it. No way could I use it for an overnight or travel bag, definitely a day bag for me. But I like it enough for that. I would never have paid the “retail” price for it. Maybe $20 at most.

  14. Ditto that. I got the cream and like it very much, but it is small and $25 would have been my limit.

  15. I got the charge notice too. I'd like to cancel, but couldn't log into my account. I know it is only $7/quarter, but I have been getting only one or two things per box that I will use.

  16. I signed up as annual a few days before fall customization and received 2 oz exfolikate , 1.67 oz flight mode hydration mask, and 8.5 oz Malin and Goetz rum body lotion. I looove the Malin and Goetz - hope to try their grapefruit cleanser via FFF in future.

  17. I got a crappy bundle last October when I upgraded to annual. Very disappointing. Stinky diffuser set, blue light glasses that I can't use (prescription lenses), and an ugly shade of lipstick.

  18. I have enjoyed the occasional extra items. I have received Lumify twice and a full sized Crest whitening gel. Could have skipped the no alcohol beer though.

  19. People are nuts. I’m a fussy eater and both, not eating the normal stuff or like you, just not eating, everyone freaks the hell out. What don you care what I eat or don’t!? I’m a middle age adult, bigger than most ( so it’s not like I have a eating disorder) but still have to resort to my child skills of taking a plate and shuffling around food to make it look like I’m eating; just to keep other people happy and stop bothering me. If it don’t cost you $, just do that.

  20. I have to do this too. I feel ridiculous. 57 year old woman, 20 lbs. overweight and I still have to play these bullshit games because I don't want to eat if I am not hungry.

  21. I just checked this out and dropped about $70. This is an amazing opportunity and is getting added to my calendar.

  22. I have gotten Ipsy and Birchbox off and on for a decade. I was a Julep member when they did monthly boxes. The end of that was a fiasco and I am still angry because I got cheated out of more than a full box worth of bonus points. I have been an FFF member since Winter 2020, at one point having two annual subs. I have cancelled my remaining one because I simply have too much stuff. May reactivate depending on how this Winter box looks.

  23. Yikes! I am dying to try that milk bath. Hope mine doesn't leak in transit. Supposed to arrive Saturday.

  24. So glad you like the bag. I ordered it too and it may wind up being my favorite thing in the box once it arrives. Got the earrings also and was afraid they would look and feel cheap. Box is due to arrive Saturday. I will be impressed if it does.

  25. I scored an Autumn and a Pumpkin; can't wait to burn these in my living room.

  26. I love this stuff! Have received two in boxes in the past. Hope I am lucky this time.

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