1. [WTB] Boldr expedition (older version)

  2. I bought an modi2u last night and they upgraded me to a modi3

  3. Getting a real roadhog vibe here hahah

  4. https://noctua.at/en/products/cpu-cooler-retail/tdpguide

  5. I'm also curious about the L9x65. does anyone know how it compares? Edit: I saw the testing posted above and it doesnt seem to be very good compared to the L12

  6. The L-12 has been put back into production. It will take a while for it to reach retail again but it should be before, or around the same time as the S1 ships...

  7. oh shoot thats crazy. ill keep an eye out for that then. thanks for the info man

  8. Not exactly what you’re looking for but I have a Cryorig c7 with the intel backplate.

  9. Sorry man, not as interested in the c7

  10. Do you have the window kit for your case?

  11. Hi, im planing to do a similar loop and i was wondering how you went about bleeding the air out of your loop?

  12. Just let it run and tilt the case from time to time. Then top it off. It takes some time though.

  13. Thanks for the quick reply! Sorry, but i have more questions. did you fill straight into the reservoir while the case is tipped on the back? and if so, should i be worried that once there is too much coolant, that the reservoir will just overflow?

  14. If its a friend, you can go through the redemption process and then log into their battle.net whem prompted

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