The moment I knew I had to stop getting dressed in front of my kid (4)was when he drew a series of me, naked. I also learned it was time to shave.

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Abandoned Library. [1080X1284]

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  1. If you have the F keys on the home row, it will most certainly be less movement to press it than reaching over 2 rows for a dedicated F row.

  2. I feel like we are in two different sects of the same religion! A few fun facts about terminals that tend to say people in one direction or another.

  3. This is a tactic used by promiscuous young men to alert other young men that they are single and primed.

  4. Eh. I don’t know. I’m sure this guy has gotten a lot of annoying sales reps so he’s over it. But he’s gotta understand that these reps have quotas, often the ones reaching out aren’t even the ones closing business. They get paid on intro meetings. If they don’t book enough in a given quarter, they get fired. LinkedIn is one of the best platforms for cold outreach. They literally sell a subscription service called Sales Navigator for that exact purpose. And I have personally witnessed a deal go from cold LinkedIn outreach to closed deal in a matter of weeks. It’s important part of B2B business.

  5. If I get an unsolicited inmail, I report it as spam (which it is) and block the sender.

  6. We have this in our little town and many outlying towns have their own. Ours is called ‘the Exchange’ and it’s in a big old bus stop shelter shed thing. A lot of fresh seasonal produce and sometimes even blankets, books etc. Going to take some stuff from my garden this arvo. I have rhubarb, bok choy, rocket, capsicums (bell peppers?), beetroot, celery, parsley and basil. Oh and lots of oranges and mandarins from my trees. It’s nice to be able to share :)

  7. "Everything is there" except for the backslash key.

  8. My mother was also in the bathroom at the time getting ready for the day as far as I remember.

  9. I found it nice to costumize the Windows, but it seems like all the people will costumize windows to get the close look to MacOs, but the thing is, this costumization makes the windows laggy in my opinion, isn´t that snappy as Windows OEM.

  10. The equivalent in the UK is

  11. That's the type of pothole that takes a souvenir when you hit it

  12. If this counts as being bros and worthy of praise on reddit, I fear for the human race

  13. Yes but he was fine with Syria and Georgia. Look I am glad he has some courage now but he was part of the problem for a long time.

  14. Maybe it took a few years to secure his fully funded round the clock protection detail for after this letter

  15. If you take out covid deaths, 49% of officer deaths were from suicide.

  16. I doubt it did. Just cause it walked away doesn’t mean it walked very far.

  17. No, it’s time to let others enjoy the skies, I enjoy writing books now!

  18. What's it like also singing for Iron Maiden, and where do you find the time?

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