1. Hmmm... That sounds like something a synth would say

  2. I agree with you on that last part for sure, I do like their maniacal zealotry though

  3. I don't like their maniacal zealotry... I freaking love it! Though I also play SoB, so my opinion on the matter may be a little bias.

  4. Your 2013 diorama is still one of the best piece I've ever saw, the movement, the ambiance, everything is just jaw dropping. Thanks for sharing this excellent work !

  5. That's one that stood out most for me. Feels like its a freeze frame right before the final dramatic conclusion of a long battle. Looks freaking awesome!

  6. They all look amazing! Great work on the highlights!

  7. This might be my favorite translation post in Reddit history.

  8. Don't forget "knuckle dragger". It's one of my favs

  9. My grandma became less racist when she had dementia, weirdly. The head day shift nurse was a Black man, and she thought his scrubs were a naval uniform. She called him “The Captain.”

  10. Same thing happened to my father. He was super rasict and very vocal about it. Dementia kicked in and he became almost child-like and extremely nice to everyone. Some of his nurses are Indian and he loves them to bits.

  11. Are the maces worth it? I was gonna pick up a squad but the maces seemed just inferior now.

  12. The maces worked well for me. Demolished a squad of assult terminators and a HQ (Ragnar Blackmane). Depends what you want out of them I guess.

  13. Played a game yesterday with them, my first time playing sisters. Paired them with Morvenn Vahl and they disintegrated anything that got close.

  14. Paired mine with Morvenn Vahl too. Took down Ragnar Blackmane and a squad of assult termies with ease.

  15. I sure as shit hope people are cool with it, I bought 2X Black Templar first born upgrade sprues (due to impatience) before the new release and you best bet 60% of my models now have non-primaris helmets. I think its aesthetically cool, but for all i know that is incompatible tech, but its STILL better than no helmet and getting shot in the face.

  16. All my BT intercessors have first-born helmets (even a few beakies in the mix). Agreed on how cool they look aesthetically.

  17. See you’ve played knifey spoony before

  18. I chose the Order of Our Martyred Lady so will definitely check those out!

  19. You can get by fine without the Martyred Lady rules in the warzone book. But if you're big on having all the rules for your faction then its worth picking up.

  20. My friend said I’m the only Asian he knows who’s not smart. I break the stereotypes

  21. These look great!!!!!! Great conversions, 10/10. You did an amazing job adding motion with those fabulous capes

  22. I removed the icons with an exacto-knife and filed them down before adding green stuff. Wasn't too difficult.

  23. Definitely! Best HQ unit for SoB. Always worth the points.

  24. Rapist Brock "The Rapist" Turner, the rapist, and Evil Pepper Spray Cop John Pike from UC Davis should always be mentioned together, they could use the company.

  25. Careful, rapist Brock "The Rapist" Turner, the rapist, could potentially rape Evil Pepper Spray Cop John Pike from UC Davis. Resulting in rapist Brock "The Rapist" Tuner, the rapist, being pepper sprayed close-range by Evil Pepper Spray Cop John Pike from UC Davis.

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