1. You'll need to resize the viewport of the page to see the image changes based on the viewport width. You can do it by resizing the width of the web browser application window, or by using the web browser's Responsive Design Mode which is accessible from the web browser's Developer Tools (press F12 key or use web browser menu).

  2. Yeah, I have been doing this but still not working.

  3. Oh, you'll have to surround the media query with parenthesis. e.g. media="(max-width: 1280px)"

  4. A-ha that makes sense, I will give it a go thanks!

  5. Yeah, that part of the solo could easily pass for an unused take from the Hardwired solos - vibe, tone and movement all very similar.

  6. What the reviewer said about prog songs being excuses for lengthy solos resonates so hard. I can’t count how many prog rock/metal albums I’ve heard that were at least 30% synth and guitar solos. So many 16th notes.

  7. Couldn't agree more. My experience with a lot of 'prog' that I have tried to get into is that honest-to-goodness 'proper' songs are eschewed in favour of displaying the virtuosity of one or 2 band members.

  8. Back in the day, vinyl played at 2 different speeds, measured in RPM, and you had to make sure you set the player according to the album speed. Not sure if that's still a thing?

  9. For writing to a Word bookmark, you don't need insert after.

  10. Ok, this is late but I am kinda going the same direction as you… I have my acoustic kit fitted with “boom” mesh heads (made in japan and a bit louder and with better drum tone than remo and other silent heads), I use a foam beater for my bass drum with a regular head, and I will use my dry binance pure high hats and a flat ride without mics. So what I want to do is mic my bass drum, snare, and toms to bring them up to the level of my cymbals in my open-backed sennheiser earphones, which can also feed play along tracks when practicing. (All levels adjusted on my Yamaha mixer) Theoretically, I will be able to hear my drums, cymbals, and backing track in balance while also lowering the overall volume of my kit—the cymbals will be the loudest thing in the room, but they should be much quieter than a full kit. Am I crazy or could this work…

  11. How do you find the Boom Mesh Heads? Have you used Remo Silent Stroke etc to compare?

  12. The ASPR Boom mesh heads are available on Amazon in japan…(amazon.co.jp) They are louder than Remo silent strokes, which is good, but still the low volume cymbals are too much louder than the Boom heads to make a good acoustic balance when playing. Still struggling to come up with a solution here using open backed headphones to hear backing tracks while also being able to hear the natural sound of the kit without any amplification…

  13. There are definitely some gaps in the market for these scenarios. I'd love to be able to mic up my kit and record but not possible with silent strokes and L80s and triggers don't seem to be a complete solution either.

  14. The irony is that (in my experience) most of the people who do that have also watched and enjoyed the movies. It's just a way for people to justify to themselves that they can be obnoxious to others.

  15. React isn't a programming language, it's a framework/library that programmatically creates frontend Web applications. As such I think you need to know HTML as your React code will need to render HTML elements, CSS to ensure it looks correct and is responsive, and Javascript as a foundation for the syntax etc of React.

  16. My favorite part of that movie is learning afterwords that Phillipe is basically the only one who plays himself in this documentary. All of his "friends" are portrayed by actors because his actual friends of the time can't stand him. Because, you know, self centered asshole and all.

  17. Sounds about right. He boasts about cheating on his wife/partner with some random person he saw at the press conference in the documentary doesn't he?

  18. If you have used Java / Spring to do backend then I imagine it will be fairly easy to pick up the specific syntax and approach for Flask. Maybe check out a few tutorials online.

  19. Any impractical jokers episode with a 'celebrity guest'

  20. Good video. If you need a proof-reader for the book I'd love to help.

  21. If you already have the macros created in VBA, the easiest solution might be to have Python open the csv in Excel and run the macro within Excel, rather than translate the macro.

  22. I think there are ways of making macros that are available to all files so you would just open the CSV with this approach.

  23. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/35994732/how-to-run-a-personal-workbook-macro-using-pywin32-in-python#35995262

  24. You need to await the run function because a function marked as async will always return a promise. So what you're logging now is the promise instead of the value it resolves with.

  25. I see thanks, I always thought that await had to be used inside an async function. I think this must be first time I have tried to return something from such a function.

  26. The wish place from the latest Thor movie, seems to render any death or negative plot developments essentially moot?

  27. Good luck with it. Its a great course and Angela Yu is one of the most engaging Udemy instructors.

  28. I read an article that said he was also physically in very bad shape from the Mummy movies etc and had a botched surgery to recover from along the way too.

  29. I just watched the new Thor movie on Disney+ and had the same issues - green flashes and a white box very quickly flashing on screen and also some strange aspect ratio behaviour. I'm using an LG TV.

  30. I have HDR but no Dolby Vision since yesterday too and I've seen a few other posts saying similar. Hopefully they sort it out!

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