1. I’d doubt any QB would play in a Super Bowl, even the ones slotted to play this weekend, we could all be dead by Sunday

  2. The rest of us in the AFC South hate y'all because Manning dad dicked us for so long. The Titans we hate because of the whole Oilers debacle, The Jags are pretty chill though.

  3. Idc if we go 1-16 next year as long as one of that win is against Houston in our oilers throw back.

  4. "It was never a battle, me pitted against him, it was a union, just two bros helping eachother out in times of need, providing only the safety and compasion you can get from another bro, late at night, arms wrapped around eachother"

  5. I read "talking shit" as "taking a shit". Really changed the tone of the whole tweet.

  6. Read this comment while taking a shit, Hell yeah brother, Cheers from my ass

  7. I had assumed that aphasia was the reason we hadn't heard from/seen her at all. It was the only thing that made sense.

  8. It is what my Dad struggled with the most, before his stroke he was a college professor and director of research for a large branch of NASA, and was used to regularly lecturing and expressing complex ideas. After his stroke, he still had the knowledge and ideas, but just couldn't express them.

  9. Yeah, my aunt (who was certainly not the intellectual titan your father was) would get so frustrated with that following her first stroke. The way I understood it, she also thought she was saying things clearly, but it came out as nonsense, and she could not understand why people were acting like she was speaking nonsense. I cannot fathom how confusing that would be to someone.

  10. Exactly man the frustration of it has to be unbelievable, I can't imagine how it has to feel to not be able to make your body do what you want it to.

  11. JJ Watt had to be so upset when Brady announced his retirement.

  12. I think JJ is probably just excited to be 33 years old, financially set for 5 lifetimes, and gets to be relatively healthy and there for his new son's entire childhood.

  13. Yeah but Watt will be able to retire knowing he didn’t have to drink a child’s blood out of a skull goblet to get through his career.

  14. Ooh Suh and Linval are averaging 38% and 35% of defensive snaps for the Eagles, there could be a game situation, especially agaisnt the Chiefs passing game, where they don't hit that 30%.

  15. The bonuses will be paid regardless of winning or play time

  16. To just answer the first question. Yes. You are absolutely speeding. Like if you murder someone and don't get caught your still a murderer.

  17. But what if I don't murder someone, and I get caught on false accusations anyways

  18. “I’m not a murderer, officer, he was doing a rip or swim move to get out of the block and I acted in self-defense”

  19. The non-exclusive tag is $32M. That's the minimum he's gonna get paid.

  20. Yeah I get that the market is what it is, it's just wild to me how it has exploded in the last 10 years. For example, the same tag for the 2013 season was $14.6m

  21. The cap has gone up 100m in that time period, it makes sense for salaries to go up.

  22. I feel like I keep repeating my self in this thread lol

  23. Not to mention the first team All Pro. They both got better without each other, it's weird

  24. I don't think either of them got better without the other, they just proved that they were not co-dependant on one another to be great

  25. Tom Brady goes back in time, but accidentally interupts his parents meeting and has to jump through hoops to get them together so he does not cease to exist, and when he comes back to the year 2023 he discovers that due to his time related antics, Bledsoe never went down, he never got his shot, and flamed out of the NFL after a few years.

  26. Nick Chubb is the best pure rusher in the league, fight me.

  27. I'm gonna redeem on two random accounts in your honor

  28. kelce, TO and tyreek maybe this guy can get a lot out of pass catchers

  29. Hey you left out Jeremy Maclin, who by the way kinda looks like a velociraptor

  30. The end of the first tweet definitely sounds like the start of a fan fiction

  31. I started to unzip, and then as I read on I stopped

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