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  1. But did they get free cupcakes and pizza? BC that's what we got after 3 suicides in one year.

  2. A guy in my residency was on call as an intern and fell down the stairs, broke his leg, went to the ED, had a cast put on and continued his call night. He was a senior when I was an intern and this story was held out as an example of dedication and fortitude.

  3. Frankie’s on Hartford Turnpike in North Haven

  4. I love fast food freak outs - they’re the best.

  5. Be careful - this field is filled with charlatans.

  6. Definitely not okay. We’re here to talk smack about the Harkles, not take potshots at babies.

  7. Let’s not be sanctimonious while we’re on a Meghan Markle subreddit, people.

  8. Call in the fellow or attending every time until you’re comfortable - it’s not right to do it another way. You’d be doing yourself a disservice and your patient a disservice doing invasive procedures and not being comfortable doing them.

  9. Better to call in the fellow than have a complication like putting an IJ in the carotid.

  10. Given what you've shared with them being in the bathroom together (her naked) with the door locked in the early hours of the morning WHILE YOU ARE HOME.. I would say this isn't their first rodeo.

  11. I could see myself locking the bathroom door behind me out of habit. Maybe he was afraid if he left she’d fall and hurt herself.

  12. Gotta say the last couple of times I’ve eaten there it’s been pretty empty. I miss the original DaLegna - vibe and menu.

  13. Swallow 8 Pennies and take a dump in accounts receivable ofc

  14. Thanks for the advice on how to run my department. Because unlike you I have the ultimate responsibility for the care of my patients and when things are not getting done I can’t just let a patient sit in the department for 20+ hours while I’m waiting for a urine. I can’t just let a patient sit in urinary retention for hours screaming in pain it’s not right. I tried the “oh let them drown” method for months it doesn’t work. There aren’t nurses willing to work for non traveler rates, and the hospital can’t afford to pay every single nurse 180 dollars an hour. Letting patients not get care to teach the admin a lesson Is what’s horrible advice and not the right thing to do for the patients. I don’t act as a nurse all shift, but If there are tasks that impact patient care that aren’t getting done I am going to be helpful and do them.

  15. Plus sometimes no one else can get the IV and it comes down to you. When I started attending on IM floors I used to draw blood cxs and put in IV’s if no one else could because ultimately it was my pt.

  16. It's a holdover from back in the day when films were actually developed. Asking for a wet read was asking for a read immediately after the the film was developed (when the film was still wet from the processing, so to speak).

  17. He always looks like he’s sitting on a lot of repressed anger.

  18. He sounds like a total loser. If you met him for the first time now you’d ignore him. You sound like you’re still relating to him from the place of a kid. You have so much more going for you now it’s almost unfair at this point to fight back. Just a thought.

  19. I saw a bald eagle fly overhead a couple weeks ago while dining outdoors at a restaurant alongside one of the main roads in Hamden. There’s a nest w 3 babies nearby. So great how they’ve made a comeback.

  20. I hope she’s got bandaids and bacitracin in the house for when she slices his poor little hand open w those claws

  21. Yeah like my parents have dog sat for me in my 1br apt and don't sleep in the bed. I think it's cause of the fucking that happens there.

  22. This is mom grooming them and she’ll start spending more and more time in their bed eventually preventing them from having sex altogether and then she’ll find an excuse not to move out. There have been so many posts here recently about jealous mothers moving in and preventing their sons from having private time w their wives.

  23. Yeah at my academic attending clinic in a cancer hospital it was decided that for the convenience of the MA’s all 20 min return visits would be eliminated and all appts would be in multiples of 15 min. So my return appts all went from 20 to 15 min. This is why people go into private practice.

  24. Or outpatient. You’d be shocked at the BS consults we get. And now that we offer e-consults it’s either them asking for advice on some super complex pt they should just be referring or some minor lab abnormality that should just be ignored.

  25. Your post gives so few useful details that I can only give the most generic Reddit advice: delete Facebook, hit the gym, and lawyer up.

  26. Note the lack of reference to anything internet.

  27. In 1982 the WWW was not invented yet and the internet was mostly just a research project.

  28. Right - I was just pointing out how funny it is not to see it mentioned since internet usually figures into work-related humor these days

  29. next they'll be targeting GOOP. oh, where will it all end!?

  30. I hope they steal some of those vagina eggs - I could use a cheap one

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