1. This is like going to a Christian church and saying Christianity is bad

  2. This is the best purchase I've ever made for that problem:

  3. Was thinking about getting this. Considering the fact that no review from it online that i saw is less than 4 stars, I know it's good.

  4. Same way hardware banning works. This is smart cuz if you already have the money to buy a new device and are using it just to get robux, just spend the money on robux.

  5. the oof sound, but also a configurable shotgun that bans players

  6. Not really, his family disowned him (not the other way around).

  7. This is the lost levels (Japanese smb2). You couldn't grab let alone throw Koopa shells, so no. You could not throw Koopa shells downwards.

  8. How about only ? segments? I'm pretty sure they only start spawning after you get a few segments. So you have to trove those segments BEFORE collecting the ? segments.

  9. Go all out Kill it With Fire and beat them to death with a frying pan.

  10. Forget being friends with a dev, some guy on pet sim x was claiming to BE a dev.

  11. I cleaned everything first, then did the lids, then seats then the toilets last. Worked for me.

  12. I can't speak for #2 as I haven't really worked on those yet but #1 is the main rotors and the tail rotors.

  13. Oh, I totally forgot about the tail rotors. I'll do that tomorrow.

  14. If I see this person ever I'm gonna find a way to put a mini hell on them where they can ONLY consume non vegan products, but they're labeled as vegan products.

  15. Right Am gonna try to fucking kick George off of Youtube

  16. Aim the kick for the yarlung tsangpo grand canyon while you're at it

  17. I saw Alex Hisrch as flowey and now can't stop hearing flowey in a bill cipher voice.

  18. Mario and Luigi. Their duo is the name of the main series, Super Mario Bros! Plus, they have a whole RPG side series literally named Mario & Luigi. I don't think there's any other character teamed up with Mario that can make as iconic of a duo.

  19. Mario and luigi according to some characters in the Mario and Luigi series: Alright, there's mario and some green guy idk

  20. Sending an army of bunnies at someone, causing them to die of cuteness damage

  21. Snow kingdom comes after metro though. This guy is saying they got 20 moons in metro without ever seeing anything about Pauline, and I'm curious as to how?

  22. as someone who played roblox since 2018, THIS IS COMPLETELY RIGHT. at some point before a NUMBER got censored if you were under a certain age. but putting the right symbols around the f word? go right ahead my guy

  23. Outlaster, Deathrun, Adventure forward 2: Points of Conflict, Survive the disasters 2, Mega Hide and Seek, Super Doomspire, Super Bomb Survival

  24. Adventure Forward 2 was and still is a great game, with a third game planned, but the dev got banned for reasons I still do not know.

  25. Hours. Fun gameplay, cool characters and abilities. Also. Jojo reference. A LOT of Jojo reference

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