1. The way food has been now processed to be both tasty and long lasting (shelf stable) has made things very different when it comes to eating healthy.

  2. There’s no Dunkin drink that is 1200 calories lol even the large frozen chocolate is like 900

  3. Both incorrect the “Cake Batter Swirl Frozen Coffee” large is 1140 calories.

  4. Based on Tdee calculator your bmr is 2026 and tdee if sedentary is 2431 cals per day. So a 1500 calorie intake daily will let you lose about .26 pounds per day.

  5. Slice of Fire is fairly pricey but imho worth it because the variety of pizzas. I think their larges are close $35-40 each.

  6. I'm sorry I can't afford that per pizza. I have to feed 35 people so I'll need like 10 pizzas. Anything cheaper?

  7. Not a crazy amount more like you would be led to believe. Based on most calculators I have seen it is about 25 more calories a day for each % point or less body fat (or 25 more calories burned for each % point of muscle).

  8. Yeah I use noom also. But I don’t use their recommended calories intake. I just use their app to track my calories, because I like their food tracker and their weight tracker.

  9. Underweight is past 18.5 BMI, it is missinformation to call a BMI of almost 21 underweight. It is a healthy range and OP should not be deterred if se wants to go that low. It is a fact that not everybody is built the same: weight in a small frame might not look nearly as slim as in someone with a thicker frame.

  10. Fat is surprisingly efficient in redistributing throughout the body. Including being stuck to internal organs, in the face and neck. I’d be surprised if you asked friends and family if they noticed a difference and they didn’t see face gains.

  11. Whatever works for you. If you are trying to build muscle you may want to eat some protein with carbs to ensure absorption.

  12. Sounds during sleep are a good thing! Lots of time they are self soothing and their minds are building new pathways getting read for speech.

  13. I was working full time and completing my MBA at Ivey and losing weight. I found Intermittent fasting worked much better and I was dialed in. I was also consuming about 750 calories less than my tdee during this period

  14. That is really strange especially if it holds true that you are in fact measuring everything you put into your body accurately.

  15. Am I making this up or isn’t there some sort of “metabolic adjustment” thing where your body gets accustomed to low calories and slows or stops weight loss?

  16. No. The Minnesota starvation experiment proves that it is possible to impair your BMR for about a year or so.

  17. To learn what a landlord can legally ask for and be able to avoid landlords who try this?

  18. Sounds like OP doesn’t want to avoid this landlord. And given their situation the landlord is the lesser of two evils. Although you may be correct, it isn’t always the best or most pragmatic option.

  19. I used IF for 3 months and lost 24 pds (about 15% body weight) and saw my LDL cholesterol drop from 4.8 to 2.9 mmol

  20. Almonds probably have 300 calories. Rule of thumb is 12-14 almonds is about 100cals. So probably like 30-35 almonds there.

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