1. The floor block is the worst!!! When I did my first one, I was first off the rower and last off the floor- it took me 19 minutes. This time I was one of the first off the rower and 2 or 3 to last off the floor but I managed to shave off 5 minutes. I don’t know if there is a way to get faster except like you said- keeping at it…

  2. I go Sun-Sat. Sunday is whatever time I get to class Mon-Thursday I do the 5pm class and Fridays I either do the 6am or the 4:30 pm. I also do a lift45 class when my schedule allows it. I make sure to do at least one day a week a green day- sometimes more than one a week.

  3. I know several women that just cut out the liners.

  4. I was coming here to say this. I hate leggings cause I get too hot but can’t find capris I like so I buy leggings and just cut them. The liner is the same way. I actually wear mens swim trunks (I’m a F) when I go swimming and I always cut those liners out also…

  5. I love bosu work. Not complaining because I love AO followed by WR but blocks 2-4 are pretty much what we did on Friday- except the WR is actually longer this time. Great time to continue to up the AO speed. Maybe even PR…

  6. My current is 1:55- I’m sure I’ll shave off at least 5 seconds but who knows. Ever rowing BM I have been PRing in…. Also I find it very hard to “prep” because you never go as hard when it’s not the BM- at least for me, mentally I’m not there.

  7. I plan on doing 7/8- I can’t go Saturday, but I always go every day but Saturday. They will be harder but it’s also as hard as you make it. If you feel like it’s too much you can dial it back a little and make a day a Green Day.

  8. I do a regular and lift45 back to back whenever I can. There have been times when I’ve done 2 regular classes in one day- though it’s not really recommended.

  9. We are getting class counts IN THE APP in the next update!! I think this week

  10. Our coach spoke about a few things that will be better in the app but didn’t say what. I would love if it said on the workouts what type it is (P/S/E) especially after talking to one of my coaches about my splats/calorie burn he said I should keep track of what type of template it was for a few weeks and see if there is a pattern. I never remember to do so…

  11. Our head coach mentioned new/better things coming to the app, didn’t say what exactly but I’m excited for changes. There are so many ways to make the app better.

  12. You can save the image and then just crop it so it doesn’t show the info, also I think people just screenshot the email and that doesn’t have the info on the top so it’s easier to keep it out of the photo.

  13. If you didn’t sign up and the person clicked “not you” then Yes- it will erase your progress.

  14. Today was the first time in a very long time I got over 400 calories- the running on inclines definitely did it!!!

  15. Thanks for posting- I have the opportunity to do TB1 on Monday and/or Tuesday this week and I was trying to figure out if it’s something I want to do 2x…

  16. That’s awesome!! I was able to hold my true push 5.2 for 2-4% but for 5% I had to lower, I held it for the first block for part of it, but I knew if I wanted to be able to run the whole second block I had to lower my push for the 5% since it was first.

  17. It was hard!! I really focused on my breathing during run and walking recoveries. Felt great after though.

  18. Rower unless it’s a tread BM or of course if it’s a 1G. I used to only be able to start on the rower or I felt my body wasn’t warmed up enough and I would have terrible cramping in my calves. Im at the point where it doesn’t really matter but I’m such a creature of habit that I always start on the same station and location. My studio knows- #q15 rower! I was talking to my coach today about needing to get fans over that end of the studio cause it’s so hot and he was joking with me that there are 14 other rowers to choose from! Yea- no thank you….

  19. I’m sorry people complained, everyone starts somewhere and I’m sure you are doing great. Not a coach here, but I would love quieter music!!! When giving group instructions our coaches turn the music lower (like when explaining the floor block) and then turn the music back up. There are times when it’s hard to hear the change of speed/incline on the treads because of the music but if you’re like me, you’re counting down the seconds regardless so you know when it’s time!! Also in my studio we have a “running joke” that some coaches 60 second AO are really 70 seconds or the 45 second WR is more like 30… it’s hard to keep track of timing when you have a million other things to do- you’ll get there. And as for playlists, at my studio unless it’s a “special play list” our coaches just pick from rock my run- they don’t make them up. The other day my coach herself was complaining what a bad playlist she chose and asked a bunch of us what she should switch it to but no one gave her an answer! Just out of curiosity is it the same people/class that complains ? Meaning is it always the “Tuesday 5 pm class” or even the “5 pm class”- regardless of day. If so, then just remember it’s not everyone (and even if it different classes it’s still not everyone) but probably the same few people who are just nasty…

  20. That sucks- I always wonder the rhyme and reason behind brag boards. My studio hasn’t done anything for me but I see others at my studio get Brag boards . I wonder if it’s something you have to ask for. I would never ask but I have “hinted” at it- like when I know I’m close to a milestone I’ll ask them how many classes I’ve taken… also I was away for my birthday, and my studio did not acknowledge it at all- but the location I was visiting texted me the morning of my bday and then when I came to class the following day asked me about it. I thought it was a nice touch.

  21. Anytime you go to a new location they need a CC in case you late cancel (another time) or want to purchase something.

  22. Mine changes between 171/172/174 (never 173) every few days. But it’s the resting HR that shows how healthy your heart is.

  23. Hey- great job!!! I started in Nov 22 (almost a year) and I am amazed how far I have come. I’m also extremely overweight… My first 2000 meter BM was 10 minutes- I’m now down to 8. My first dritri I completed it in 58.41 this time around I was at 46.06- I was shocked I was able to shave off so much time! My WR is faster than my BP when I started… I can run the whole tread block (I don’t like it!) and I switched between PW and jogging/running depending on the template. I love OTF and am so happy I found it!

  24. My home studio is a 30-45 minute trip on public transportation (depending how I go) but in the summer I go away and the closest studio was 55 minute drive- each way. Because it was so far I was planning on just going 3 times a week instead of my usual 6, but tried a box gym and couldn’t handle it! Landed up driving every day - filled up on gas about every 3rd day.

  25. Just walk through those doors- that’s the hardest part! You might not be where you once were but you’ll get there again . I was just thinking how my WR now is higher than what my base pace was when I started. I’ve been going for almost a year and I am still amazed at what I can do. You’ve e done it once- you can do it again…

  26. At OTF for almost a year (started Nov) and I am down 50 lbs. I go to OTF 6+ times a week- no other exercise. The days I don’t go (Saturday and religious holidays) I have no movement whatsoever! I didn’t really change my eating habits- I plan my meals (always have) but I’m not “perfect” so those calories I burn at OTF (not many 300-400 a class) is my wiggle room that helps me loose weight.

  27. I go every day except Saturday, but I don’t think I would be able to do it if I had to do it early AM… I go M-Th at 5 PM, Fri either 6am and 3:15 (lift45) or 3:15 and 4:30. Sunday I go whenever I have a chance, not that there are many choices…

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