1. Lol stupidest big bad ever, I'm sorry but when your main antagonist is a metaphor that's not AHS lol

  2. Idk I’ve had a life size twisty the clown in my room for years and we are kind of friends

  3. These are the kind of people I need to hook up with, just great sense of humor and doesn’t take life too serious. Where do y’all find these gems?

  4. I would feel the same way if he didn’t refuse to send any kind of actual picture

  5. Murder House- Vivian getting committed, towards the end of the season the word 'asylum' gets thrown around a few times

  6. Also in Cult, Winter (Billie Lourd) has train tickets to escape to Montana. In 1984, Billie’s character is named Montana.

  7. Also in Roanoke, much like the clown face in coven, when Sophie and her friend is burnt at the stake, the overhead shot forms the cult smiley.

  8. The name should be AHS: Gold Rush but y’all know this is my most wanted idea

  9. Everyone is inside my brain this week it seems smug, here’s a Pinterest board I made for pretty much this exact idea:

  10. Where was this basically confirmed? Themes aren’t usually announced till late summer

  11. That definitely doesn’t mean it’s “basically confirmed” haha. It’s not uncommon for the clues to be misinterpreted or just be coincidental. Freak Show featured tons of clues that pointed towards an operation top hat season and it ended up being hotel.

  12. Dude…. Hotel was originally Civil War… the Top Hat was for Lincoln. That plan fell through cause of Lange’s departure and people found a way to stretch the top hat clue to point to Hotel

  13. My only gripe here is that I would make the Scooby house be Monsters Unleashed instead

  14. My friend, let me introduce you to something called dress code

  15. I thought This was like an episode of goosebumps. Really low budget feel, bad acting, retread story

  16. You must have been reading my posts cause I have been spreading the Wild West, Alaska, and Hawaii ideas for yearssss

  17. Yeah I should definitely take the time to write the idea out fully but in my mind it should take place between 3 time periods and center around a mining town that was built on Native American land. My Alaska and Hawaii ideas are less developed but the Alaska one would involve Werewolves and the Hawaii one would involve islander folklore.

  18. Wearing those out on Halloween would probably freak people out lol

  19. Also Apocalypse was originally going to be season 9, but everyone's schedules aligned better for season 8.

  20. Freak Show: Gloria was going to attempt to Murder Regina (Shown in Blood Bath promo)

  21. They didn't. No horror franchise is safe of continuity errors and timeline is not often considered that important by the responsable people sometimes.

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