1. I started counting calories and jogging. Just hated how fat I looked. I’m also in my mid 30s so my metabolism has gone to shit and I basically NEED to exercise in order to not turn into a fat slob.

  2. Smart people are usually pessimistic and usually right about most things. Smart people also love to abuse substances because turning their brain off is necessary.

  3. Who needed a chart to understand this

  4. I played a champs 2v2 tourney and my teammate never went on kickoff when he was closest and left.

  5. This is interesting, but unnecessary because in every scenario the goal is to make a goal.

  6. Art gallery owners. Normal people don't get into that kind of business. It's a self-selecting group of artistic types and the people prepared to play the game to make money off artistic types. I don't want to say they're all crazy or weirdos, but the all have big personalities in one way or another.

  7. Did you know that you basically have to be selected to purchase a Chanel bag?

  8. A family that takes vacations together but they are all serial killers. For example, they all go on a cruise together, and take turns killing people while the others stay around people for alibis. Can also take place at a ski lodge, big city etc...

  9. Something similar happens in the show Sandman. They have a serial killers convention.

  10. You guys love shitting on expensive Apple products then turnaround and throw your wallet at Nvidia.

  11. Nothing will change after the wedding. Your wedding day will be magical and your relationship will look perfect in the eyes of your guests, but the problems you had before the wedding will exist after the wedding.

  12. I’m so glad I’ve never been inclined to buy “ultimate” or “deluxe” editions of any game.

  13. I run hot, even in the winter. I’d rather use the regular heater on low than radiate heat into my butt.

  14. I have the opposite experience re: seat warm sets and periods, but I respect this. I get really bad back pain and cramps, so the seat warmers soothe some of that pain/relax my muscles while still letting me cool the rest of my body, bc I’m prone to overheating

  15. You’re prone to overheating and seat warmers help you cool down? What?

  16. This is a great lesson in playing predictably for your teammate. Lots of times people try to get too many touches and end up confusing their teammate.

  17. They’re literally free. They’re called “extra styles” for a reason.

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