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  1. bro these kids living DnD irl im lowkey jealous. lemme summon my mount ill help take on Allah

  2. i only know the one about the truck intercourse and that was against my will

  3. TBF to the lames, they definitely bitched plenty about Yeezus and especially I Am a God.

  4. Lone Mountain is on the opposite side of the valley from the... Road to lake mead. You won't be able to see the lake from anywhere in the valley, and definitely not Lone mountain

  5. I mean you can't break and enter an island

  6. I can't make it through a movie in my house let alone a theater. I don't watch many movies because of that lol. I just get bored and go do something else. It's easier to watch stuff on youtube while playing games.

  7. it makes enjoying single player campaigns harder cuz u can't fully pay attention during cutscenes but god i do that way too much

  8. If you're 99% confident the "psychos" had guns (whatever that is supposed to mean), then you're 100% wrong and distorting different things together.

  9. i mean i have this fbi wanted site that mentions the feller with the pipe bomb as well as other violence but yeah im distorting facts, the pipe bomb was an expressive art piece or something

  10. You started off so confidently about protesters carrying guns, and once that was disproven, now the pivot is to a separate topic of introducing the pipe bombs. Just admit you were mistaken and move on. All I'll say on the pipe bombs is they haven't caught whoever planted them and they didn't go off, which leaves many unanswered questions.

  11. Who cares about viewcount? We dont want these YT retards in our community.

  12. I mean Nirvana is kinda cool but are you saying these kids coming from YT are quality chatters?

  13. Oh I thought he was saying the movies were outdated..damn this Sauced had me high as fuck.

  14. They cleared it all up with the Pyro interview: "Hrm mrermrrr, hrrmrrmrr"

  15. That was the moment. That night. I should’ve never left home. Never gone to your house.

  16. always surprised how jesse never caught on there, but yet again that's like a nothing sentence to him

  17. walter drank an invisibility potion and placed it while gus turned his cheek

  18. hey this is the bomb okay man. we have the least picky customers on the market

  19. You need a guy where a terrorist sees him from a mile away and says “nuh uh, I ain’t messing with that dude. I’m not going near that plane.”

  20. they get up with their box cutters. mark shoots them a glare. they sit back down

  21. showed him the inflation one and my dad really liked it. sending him this aswell

  22. I’m a level 13 gay, I got the word homosexual tattooed on my forehead.

  23. You will get over it, I'm sure.

  24. Pretty heavy projection there, innit.

  25. ive been listening to metal and avant-garde albums all middle and high school so donda a length was like "ooo okay" to me

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