1. Grocery wise I wish Market Basket and Whole Foods was accessible north of the Portland area. Fast food we need a WhaddaBurger

  2. When Twitter did it everyone was all up in arms, turns out Elon isn’t just an asshole, a ton of top execs and gross duplication of services is unnecessary.

  3. Went to Trans Market (asian market) in Biddeford for produce, Market basket for rest when living in Wells. Portsmouth or Portland if i wanted more international selection.

  4. I miss being close enough to go to the transmarket! They always had duck eggs

  5. That’s about it for Maine. In southern maine they have a market basket and Whole Foods. I have been using mainly meal delivery services for the last year and then supplement with food from farmers markets and some other small natural food stores. I have saved tons of money using the meal delivery, and we waste way less food

  6. Duvet covers are great. I would purchase yourself a really nice/good quality comforter (I recommend goose down) then you can buy duvet covers. They are relatively cheap so you can try new looks/colors/styles. They also are a quick wash/dry

  7. Heating pad under the pot? Tent the top with plastic, you could use a tomato cage for that - this will keep in the warmth and humidity.

  8. I was taught to always leave a little on the plate to indicate they provide plenty of food/and you are satiated.

  9. My skip-it. The original ones with the little pedometer thing. Loved that. Miss it.

  10. Probably most of them? I mean there are certainly some who are exceedingly good at their craft, however in such a media focused world to much attention and weight is given to celebrities and what they think about everything.

  11. Composting, purchasing items that come in biodegradable packaging, and reusing containers when possible. I repurpose all kinds of stuff of containers and packaging. And honestly burning waste is a totally viable option.

  12. I think it’s important to stay in a 5 star hotel occasionally, the smaller boutique ones are just very friendly and have superb amenities. However I travel ALOT for work and generally really enjoy the choice hotels (usually a comfort inn) free breakfast, hot coffee and tea 24-7, decent bedding and amenities.

  13. Many people do qualify for free healthcare based on income (Medicaid). We also retain a bit more of our income (pay less federal taxes). Most companies offer healthcare coverage. There are also individual healthcare marketplaces and cooperatives. I would say very few citizens pay the full price of any medical service.

  14. My family wants to know plain or cinnamon life, it matters.

  15. Can I ask which part should I practice gratitude for? Or any part of life is fine? Thanks again!

  16. Start simple. “I’m grateful for another day, the sunshine, this pastry” then you can start expanding, “im grateful for this day and the opportunity to make a difference, for the sunshine so warm me and help grow the food I eat.” Then try to start building up to things like “I’m grateful for the woman who yelled at me today for cutting her off in traffic because I was able to feel compassion for her situation, realize my impact on others, and be more aware of my surroundings.” Like I said, start small, but if you are living your life, actively looking for things to be grateful for, your attitude begins to shift, you start to look at things outside yourself. You find opportunities in life instead of barriers.

  17. Nah that was Charles Darwin but for some reason people don't wanna credit him for that anymore...

  18. To the point of this thread though when he discovered it for himself he ran with it. As one might discover and embrace a type of music, a fruit, artist, or anything else they find and believe in.

  19. It’s a vibe that we cannot stop having. You grow a human INSIDE you. I have 3 kids, wide age ranges. All my kids have to do is come in the house and I know their situation, even if rooms away. The way you walk, breath, I think even unconsciously your scent (pheromones). My son could text or call me from states away and I swear we are quantum entangled because I know. It’s magic.

  20. The Woodwright's Shop is by far the best ever show for wood working. I don’t even know if you can find it streaming but if you can you will not be disappointed. Guy is a national treasure

  21. I personally disliked Vyvanse. Several undesirable side effects and it didn’t work well for me. Concerta was ok but only for a short time. I take the extended release dextroamphetamine, 20mg in the morning and another 10mg at about noon. Works great

  22. I have used nylons/tights - you can tie them pretty tight and adjust as needed

  23. It will be interesting to see how his fan girls react to this role. Will they be able to appreciate his abilities as an actor? I can’t wait for it to come out, the biography and history are important for people to know.

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