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  1. Anybody who unironically uses the phrase "snowflake" instantly gains a crew cut, cargo shorts and flip-flops in my mind.

  2. Joe Biden declared the end of the epidemic but you, a sound cloud rapper, knows better

  3. how do you know they didn't do that? there's a lot of employees at stores like this. They also don't get there instantly. There's literally no reason to not just play into her bullshit until the situation has de-escalated more or police / an ambulance get there, all fighting her will do is make things 500x worse, both for them and for the store.

  4. Yeah, and then get fired or sued for touching her or “causing severe emotional damage.”

  5. Lmao. I said loud and clear to call the police no to move her

  6. Nooo, that reeks of “I’m high as fuck on Coke”

  7. Why the police tho? Surely there are support groups in Italy

  8. Turns out that when 73% of the country's GDP comes from blue states, "go woke go broke" doesn't quite work, so we're back to crying about being "cancelled".

  9. What's wrong with you people? This guy is constantly criticising Trump and republicans on his twitter. You weirdos have literally gone insane

  10. her whole account is satire thank god

  11. So we just not gonna talk about the German hooligans dressed as English fans assaulting English fans in the pub before the game?

  12. Okay dork who’s the obscure pre-Cena rap gimmick you’re gonna try to totally pwn me with?

  13. Lmfao. Tell one motherfucker who was doing this gimmick in wrestling before Cena

  14. Hostess went bankrupt and got bought by a company that started using cheaper, worse ingredients. Little Debbie realized they could do the same. Now they’re both crap.

  15. Nah. It's because they swapped sugar for sweeteners because of sugar tax

  16. This is what “oppression” really means, not being called the wrong (neo)pronoun as Western Leftists claimed.

  17. If there is one wrestler alive with the balls to actually do something like this it has to be 4k

  18. Sami has a body all the fans can relate to, he's WWE's Eddie Kingston.

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