Oil well drilling looks absurdly dangerous

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  1. If you're wondering about Med cuisine I think things like frittatas, breakfast salads, shakshuka, greek yogurt parfaits, hummus with pita and crudités, and fruit or pasta salads would work. If you're looking for things that fit in the MD you could also do home fries/breakfast hash, oatmeal bake, avocado toast, breakfast burritos/wraps, huevos rancheros, whole wheat or buckwheat pancakes with fruit and maple syrup.

  2. Cheap & easy tuna pasta. Boil pasta, in meantime take a skillet and sautéed a little chopped onion and/or garlic in EVOO. When pasta is 1 min from being cooked, drain and add it to the skillet then add a can of tuna and a little cooking water from the pasta and mix until tuna becomes saucy. Add capers and enjoy!!

  3. This looks great! The how-to video made me laugh though because it’s basically someone with straight hair trying to force curls 😂

  4. Thank you for this. I was just looking into IPL and was considering a medspa that has a Groupon for $100 per treatment!

  5. It’s honestly not a great sign when a medspa has Groupon offers for anything but facials and purely cosmetic treatments :/

  6. It seems obvious now but I saw that and was so excited that I guess I wasn't thinking straight. Thanks for jolting me back to reality lol

  7. Aveeno 30spf has always just worked really well for me. Any time I try a different moisturizer/sunscreen I always end up going back to Aveeno.

  8. I always ask myself the same thing. I think they update to use cheaper ingredients … and most of the time that’s quite obvious with the decrease in quality 😭

  9. Yep, and in this case they also downsized it by 0.2 fl oz (6%). OP did they at least reduce the price?

  10. Ooops the text didn’t post! Any ideas what we can do about the skin under the eye that I circled? If skin care isn’t enough, what kind of treatments or injectables could help? Thanks

  11. Yeah unfortunately there aren’t any quick fixes for this :/ but the good news is that a lower blepharoplasty, when done by someone good, is quick and has a pretty easy recovery. Results will last 10+ years

  12. HA was making it worse for me until I started layering it with another moisturizer. The moisturizer seals it in and prevents the HA from drawing moisture out. This has been the most useful thing for my dry skin!

  13. How painful are the lazer procedures? I'm a chicken

  14. You can usually use a numbing cream so it’s not really painful, but rather “uncomfortable.” Can feel prickly or like someone is snapping a tiny rubber band at your face

  15. Your face reminds me of an owl. Your hair is gorg, especially the color

  16. They just dig a couple feet of soil out put a plastic liner and fill over it with new soil and it’s remediated. Plus you have a big slab of concrete over it. Environmental business is such a big money grab these days. The best part is they just truck most of the soil to other parts of the us and just dump it there.

  17. That doesn’t surprise me. I don’t really trust private industry to put our well-being first…

  18. I live in northwest Hoboken and have seen developers do ‘soil remediation’ or some sort of clean-up. Sometimes they put a big tent over everything as they do this.

  19. I didn’t think tretinoin was safe to use around the neck

  20. my eyes only get like this in the winter and i think it has to do with the heating...or maybe how dry the air is.

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