1. On YouTube? Just Wafts From the Loft and The Aetherialist.

  2. As a vetiver fiend, I think TdH is good, and it has vetiver, but I wouldn't call it "vetiver-forward". TdH is like 75% Iso E Super.

  3. Caps only exist to prevent accidental sprays. They do nothing to preserve the fragrance or protect against evaporation.

  4. Guerlain Jicky, Carven Vetiver, Dior Eau Sauvage, Ralph Lauren Polo, Azzaro Pour Homme, Drakkar Noir, Davidoff Cool Water, CK Obsession, aaaaand Brut

  5. I normally stand firmly in your corner, but on this point, sir, you are GRAVELY MISTAKEN

  6. The right way is what creates the least amount of fatigue, for you.

  7. Can confirm, it's pretty nice. The EF nib on mine is perfect — very impressive for a pen so cheap, when luxury options often ship unusable out of the box.

  8. As always: 21K nibs exist to extract money from you. 14k is the ideal, whether soft or stiff. But steel nibs are better in most cases!

  9. Looks like a light. The photo looks like it's upside down.

  10. Heaven smells like Apres l'Ondee, Hell like Aventus.

  11. Obviously publicly leveling accusations and claiming to have receipts but refusing to elaborate or have anyone validate the "evidence" is extremely shitty behavior. That should be obvious.

  12. It's not coercion. But hey, on the other hand the claim was that Jesse Singal is harming trans kids, and so by not releasing receipts she's contributed to their ongoing trauma. She doesn't come out looking good in either "has receipts, won't show them" or "doesn't have receipts, but says she does".

  13. Who TF is referring to something from less than 10 years ago as “vintage”??

  14. A ludicrous number of people, unfortunately, not the least of whom are those trying to raise prices on secondhand sales of still relatively new bottles. It's 2023? Oh, but these are 2020 bottles, before the — you know —

  15. I mean that's quite the swing. I dunno, I just don't understand this switch to religion a lot of people end up with after leaving the skeptical community. Admittedly I wasn't actually a part of the skeptical community, though I followed some of the writers a bit and I am agnostic, but it just seems so strange to me to embrace Catholicism? I'm not saying that to be a snarky asshole, I'm genuinely interested in these ideological journeys people have.

  16. In my case, I think part of it is that a lot of the people in the skeptic community are full of shit. They're extremely credulous of certain types of statements, and often reacting to some of their very own traits represented by 'the other side'. While plenty of skeptic types are still more or less doing the thing (e.g. Jesse, Scott Alexander, Tim O'Neill), a lot of them have outed themselves as less concerned with what's right and just than they are being seen as righteous, and I think this is a major quality of so many of the figures in the community smearing egg on their own faces now and in recent history over the 'social justice' stuff. And it has driven people out, as some ask themselves if this is where the skeptics have gone, is there something wrong with so-called skepticism?

  17. This doesn't really make any sense to me because it sounds like your main issues were that people on the skeptic side were individually annoying or hypocritical, which they might be, but doesn't say much about the quality of their arguments on their own divested from the personalities involved.

  18. The arguments were not sound, and this was getting glossed over because the people making them seemed honest and righteous and played for 'our side'. Once the cults of personality had been tossed aside this became more clear.

  19. Because she's not sticking Moose in a plane's hold.

  20. I don't remember the exact cause, but she lives in Washington State while her family lives in North Carolina, so that's part of it, and she also recently traveled for the live show.

  21. Practically nobody thought the viral clip of Richard Spencer getting cold cocked made him look like a victim. They just wanted to see him go down.

  22. "Practically nobody" . . . who already opposed or hated the guy. Those friendly to him and his ilk probably didn't see it as a fist-pumping victory. And how many who had no clue who he was were drawn into his world when they tried to figure out why these violent Antifa radicals hated him enough to punch the guy on television?

  23. No but they were probably afraid. I don’t know if you know this but Nazis are generally not amendable to persuasion. That’s why we had to give many of them some lead poisoning in the 40s.

  24. And if nazis knew that the powers had cleaned their clock back in the 1940s and were still nazis, why would Richard Spencer getting punched in the face make them "afraid"?

  25. For Him, For Her, inconsistent photography, and some images of the bottles are just computer renders. Plus I think they recently changed the color.

  26. The best-selling perfumes for men and women in a particular area. Vampires need to get into the club, cull the simp, and feed, and they don't do that by smelling like piss-dirt and mothballs.

  27. Jo Malone Vetiver and Golden Vanilla, Etro Vetiver

  28. No fragrance is worth over 200 dollars.There is absolutely no difference in the quality of production or sourced materials between the most expensive brands and the other brands like dior,armani, Etc. Just like with clothing or accessories nearly all of the cost the consumer pays, is for the name on the bottle. Fragrances are by far one of the worst investments you can make.

  29. bought a leonardo MZG and 2 pichevin pens from

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