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  1. "Fake Christians" at least they put themselves on there

  2. Based, refuse to let negative experiences ruin your enjoyment of life

  3. It almost definitely will give boobs, I have been told it's important to manage your expectations though, because you probably won't get massive ones

  4. I didn't realise that the prequels cgi was good, or that "they fly now" and "somehow palpatine has returned" was good writing

  5. "Never thought I'd be fighting side by side with a witch"

  6. Upvotes to comments or posts give you karma so once you have 10 upvotes you should have 10 karma

  7. I thought this as well, "The older times were better, I wish I could've grown up in a time I had to go to a store and find cds instead of going online" and then I realised nothing stopped me from doing that except me saying that "I'm not the right generation for this" and so I went and bought a cd player and a bunch of cds and occasionally go to a store and see if anything interests me.

  8. The only reason the 80s has better music is because we only remember the good music from the 80s, music in the 80s probably had just as many shit songs as today, and people back then were probably saying that music was better back in the 60s

  9. Unfortunately my translation is too nsfw for this subreddit

  10. But now Halloween is encroaching earlier and christmas later so the only 2 times of year are halloween and Christmas

  11. Sure! Feel free to DM me and we can trade info. Also, I love your flair.

  12. Apparently you can. There are at home one's you can buy, they are probably just not as powerful as the one's a clinic might use so it'll take longer and may not be permanent just long term

  13. Could be that HRT is making you feel happy/not depressed, so you have motivation now

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