1. There's a couple of things you can try to make homemade mustard even mustardy-er without "cheating" with things like horseradish (although if that works for you, do that).

  2. thanks! I'm going to run a series of experiments with yellow, brown, & black seeds/fresh ground powder then also water, beer & vinegar, both room temp & ice cold on each liquid. back sometime with the results!

  3. Two weeks later, dead from the first mustard overdose on record. RIP.

  4. At lease I wont be arriving in Valhalla empty handed

  5. Use both brown and yellow mustard seeds and make sure to use COLD water to activate.

  6. That pattern name is called Tortola, I think.

  7. did you clear all of the area around the mold with a massive clearing path, or precut the forms

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