1. If your customs are skmilar to us in canada and you shipping with a private carrier instead of just regular normal country post then it's normal.

  2. Should be a breakdown of the fee paid. Not likely purely local taxes but the fee to courier to do the paperwork.

  3. Yeah for sure, but then what happens? Just so I know what to expect.

  4. Offer replacement of same model different pair, another model, or refund.

  5. You aren’t crazy. The perforations are not aligned to the suede. I personally would ask for refund or swap another model because the other same models will most likely have same flaw.

  6. Sucks when tracking doesn’t update. Did you try the tracking at CP? Otherwise the EMA delay has hit you. EMS-HK has worked best for me.

  7. You are not good. I saw some and is super noticeable in person. RL these.

  8. Jercanna or Stashbox. How is WP screwing? They delivered everything I’ve personally ordered.

  9. Is there some sort of relationship between TLC and Headwater? I thought they were tight or maybe just sharing genetics.

  10. For phones and tablets, aka what yahoo sports already does for free. I want this on my TV.

  11. Thanks for the boost insole review! I’ve been looking around for zoom insoles as well for balling in uncomfortable techless ball shoes these days.

  12. Might not notice until sitting. Walking around I doubt anyone would notice.

  13. Already bought them, and yes you can hoop in WKB Kobe’s.

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