1. Can’t be mad about this at all. That’s an extreme overpay. More than Seiya got

  2. If a team makes a FA signing that might make someone on their roster expendable that he likes. Then he can pounce

  3. Yeah wtf? Rodon was #1 on my FA wishlist last off-season. Why do they think they can speak for the whole sub? Actually lots of people shared my desire for Rodon, as I recall.

  4. Actually feel like this may be a fit. Take from that OF surplus (Jake McCarthy) and add prospects to it. A’s seem to like guys who are at or close to the majors.

  5. He writes for fansided. Would find better reliability in someone who writes for 7th grade homework.

  6. Plus isn’t this already assumed? Of course we’re in on him

  7. Why anyone would willingly live on the east coast is beyond me.

  8. I live on the east coast right now and can’t wait to move back west

  9. Are there any estimates out there for expected contract value?

  10. I’ve seen around 10-12M as a prediction

  11. Definitely not he is projecting out at about 20 to 25 HRs with his home ballpark shifting from Toronto/Rogers Center the 17th most friendly hitter park to T Mobile, which is dead last. He is definitely going to get on base and hit doubles, but no chance he hits 30 HRs in T Mobile.

  12. Teoscar is a power guy, not an on base guy

  13. It’s about years, not money. We’re top-3 in money on the books for 2024 and beyond.

  14. This is incredibly misleading and I wish people thought for themselves instead of taking this as gospel and using it as a way to justify not spending on FA's. First of all, we are currently 11th in 2024. 2025 we are near the top but because we have given more guys contracts for these years 3 years ahead of time (8M to Evan White!?) However, look at it and its only 90M in guaranteed contracts. We will decline Marco's club option of 15M almost certainly and the 15M on Saurez is likely to be declined as well in my opinion. Other teams will be spending big in FA every offseason as they normally do. We will be no where near top 3 in payroll. Top 15 yes, top 3 absolutely not.

  15. Also the reason we have more on the books in 2026 than other teams is because of Ray, Castillo, and Julio. Most teams don’t have 3 premier guys locked up that far into the future because of arb and short term FA contracts. but wait 24 months and we won’t be that high on payroll anymore because other teams will sign people. It’s an entirely misleading thing when put into perspective. the fact of the matter is we don’t have much payroll for the next 2-3 seasons. let’s be aggressive and go after a WS. If we lose Gilbert, Munoz, and Cal in 3 years - we will have Ford, Hancock and another bullpen arm. i’ll trade that for a title

  16. Jerry knows there’s nothing in the future preventing us from getting FA. He said this to appease low information/uniformed fans. What he’s basically saying is, “we weren’t willing to offer the premium for FAs this off-season, but hey we still have a bright future with a young core we can sign extensions to in 3-4 years” which to be fair is true.

  17. If I had a Heisman vote there's no way I'd give the trophy to someone who painted Fuck Utah on his fingernails and then proceeded to get his ass handed to him.

  18. I agree. To me Max Duggan embodies what the award is about. I’d vote him 1

  19. I don’t blame Jerry for being out on that. No matter how much we need a SS/2B, paying Turner $27m in his age 40 season is wayyy too much. I’d be hesitant on paying him that much at 36.

  20. 27M in 11 years isn’t going to be what it is today. by then I’d assume top guys are getting 45M

  21. Not saying we should or shouldn’t do it but I think it would take something like Brash, Hancock and Flexen/Marco.

  22. So Penny at 2nd string. Not that complicated. You need to limit both their touches to keep them as healthy as possible

  23. Huntley and Hundley. That’s a little confusing

  24. Lost a Verlander, gained a deGrom. At least he's not on the Astros...

  25. At least he’s most likely on the IL

  26. Giants made possibly the best free agent signing of all time with Barr Bonds

  27. Why does it always seem like Giants, Yankees, Redsox fans etc (big markets but those specifically) have this woe is me attitude about their teams? Try being a Seattle mariners fan

  28. I sti think USC has more right in than Bama. In my opinion it should be 1. Oregon 2. Michigan 3. TCU 4. OSU/USC 5. USC/OSU 6. Bama.

  29. By resume USC is stronger. 4 ranked wins to Bama’s 2. Played in conference championship. 2 losses to a top 10 team. Bama didn’t beat anyone ranked better than 20 and looked bad doing it

  30. The fact some people think this is even worth debating really shows how messed up this system is. TCU has more wins, more quality wins, undefeated regular season, and a better loss that was an additional game Ohio State and Alabama didn’t qualify for in OT. If TCU isn’t 3 or atleast 4 the committee should be abolished immediately

  31. This conference will be just fine with Utah, UW, Oregon. Plus, other programs will step up. Anyone who says otherwise either lives east or listens way too much to the media

  32. Life lol. I usually smoke before the gym too I feel like I do more & better. Kinda blocks the rest of the world out while I’m lifting

  33. Also the squeeze and burn just feels better

  34. No, not all are stupid, but the number that are is STUNNINGLY high. Like, mind boggling.

  35. I know this sounds harsh but I think your “average” American is stupid

  36. Seriously. Before I bought I paid 2k for a 1 BR on the east coast and I had 'a steal'

  37. He hasn’t given out anything close to that money for hitters. Not that I’m complaining it’s an interesting strategy: sign pitchers and trade for hitters (and pitchers like Castillo).

  38. It’s gonna suck to have to face DeGrom a lot but let’s not forget he’s 34 with injury problems. There’s a decent chance he’s gonna put in like 15-20 starts a year

  39. I’d be surprised if he has more than 15 starts. Especially now that he got PAID. We will probably face him a couple times at most per season

  40. With step being p/f now, grinding uworld like before is arguably overkill now.

  41. Maybe I’m lucky but med school is the first time in my life that I have experienced such ego from faculty. They complained about our attendance when lectures aren’t mandatory. It’s just weird to me when

  42. I think they would definitely have 1 loss. And conference championship game. Like USC going into the game against Utah

  43. Like every coach uses their position for a better position then

  44. By his logic anyone who changes where they work were “using” the previous position. What like you mean a resume? Yeah pretty sure everyone does that

  45. Colorado and Tarleton State called and said congrats on squeaking out the win over SMU.

  46. What’s your best win? Miss state?

  47. TCU would get destroyed by Michigan as well. TCU had a great achievement but they don’t match up against the elite talent of these blue bloods

  48. TCU and Ohio State have a top 10 win atleast. Bama has… Mississippi st?

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