1. At the height of COVID, he and his cronies crashed a school board meeting in suburban Columbus. He went around coughing on all the pro-mask people, then laughed and bragged about it. Filthy excuse for a human.

  2. Anyone have a link? Not saying I don’t believe it(because I do), but this is so crazy it has to be seen to be believed.

  3. Some of the “anomaly” responses to this have come from people who clearly have never voted in a primary before. “They only let me vote for Republicans, there weren’t any Democrats on my ballot” and “they let Democrats use a Republican ballot” are two genuine complaints I’ve heard from people claiming this primary was fraudulent.

  4. The second thing about ballot usage is actually the top reply to his tweet

  5. Mines comes up third below roar katy perry and roar lyrics sadly

  6. Hmm.. I won’t lie I don’t know the ins-and-outs of YouTube so I wasn’t sure if it was individualized or what. At least this is what it looked like for me.

  7. It’s a sprite from an old “Death Battle” video, I laughed my ass off at it when I first saw it.

  8. Fuck Adam schefter for his wording of the tweet

  9. That’s crazy… one of my favorite OSU QBs ever and he had so much potential. Fuck. This is sad

  10. Same. I’m going to treasure his #7 jersey extra now.

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