1. You should get a small piece of PVC with a lip and paint it green. It’ll look like a Super Mario pipe when placed on the bottom of container. Could also double as a food bowl.

  2. Ok, I HAVE to do this. This is an awesome idea!!!

  3. Wow. Will you be able to get help? Idk what’s to be done about it, but I sure hope your get it.

  4. Yeah I’m going to be meeting about a fasciotomy pretty soon

  5. Instead of using a onion volcano for the fire they just decided to use the entire house

  6. I have high schoolers! All 4 grade levels throughout the day. 3 classes junior/senior, 2 classes freshmen/sophomore

  7. Idk if this was part of the "joke" but the refs were from the Pac12

  8. was referencing 2019 Fiesta Bowl v. Clemson

  9. UG defense was way better than ours and they gave up over 40. This defense was way better than last year. They just need to close games out. For being his first year, I’m not disappointed with what he’s done. I’d give him a B-.

  10. Just hurts. All 3 CFP games we have been in under day have been complete domination. And we’ve only won Clemson 2020.

  11. Uhhh. I'm being serious: is this a recruiting violation?

  12. I have no idea. I’m sure Deion’s son IS better but, I kinda feel bad for whoever the QB is now. That has to kind of suck. Dudes are gonna be lining out the door to play for him though.

  13. CU had 5 QBs play this year. The freshman with potential Owen McCown announced he was entering the transfer portal. So QB1 at CU is really open.

  14. Oh yeah I know. I’m just saying it probably sucks to hear that for anyone else wanting to try for it.

  15. ESPN trying to make Alabama happen is just so ESPN

  16. We’re a shoe in and I’m still worried as hell. You never know.

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