1. I dislike it because it's strongest against slow weapons, which are some of the weakest weapons in the game. It's a mechanic that currently punches down.

  2. Virgin PSSS L1 vs Chad Carian Knight Sword blocking R2.

  3. Because animation is fucking expensive and hard? You try drawing the art on the left 100 billion times in 6 months and on a shoestring budget. The industry just doesn't give animation the funding it needs to flourish.

  4. I'm glad the club is where it's at, but I don't think it should be any better. It serves as a nice bit of punishment for poise min-maxers with spammy weapons, but it frankly doesn't have much strategy beyond R1 spam trades. I'd rather have a more complex weapon be meta, if I had the choice.

  5. Of the colossal weapons, it's one of the closer ones to viability. Which is to say not at all, because the whole class kinda has no strong aggressive options. The ash of war selection isn't great either. And if your opponent has good reactions speeds, is familiar with the moveset, and/or is using quickstep, you will never land a hit.

  6. ? Meta's are always chosen without reliable data. They are an emergent property of game design and player intuition. No matter how many players say this or that, there is no final arbiter that can state 'this is the meta level'. It's decided by where high skill players decide to play, which is controlled by how the devs designed the game.

  7. RL137 is what the "open" matchmaking bracket was thought to be in the early days. The actual open matchmaking bracket was found to begin at RL139.

  8. Okay? So I was off by two levels on an ancillary point of my video. Couldn't you have just politely corrected me that instead of being patronizing?

  9. Humans have countervailing impulses toward selfishness and altruism, and it is systems which perpetuate one impulse over the other, and create the illusion that one is natural while one is not. Even selfishness can be directed into altruism with the right structural changes.

  10. Agreed. I mean, just look out the window. If we were more selfish than altruistic, there would be no roads, no hospitals, no parks. The evidence of our desire for communal betterment is all around us, all the time. It's just that this capitalist thing we've built around ourselves has gotten so big that it's starting to act on us more than we act on it.

  11. It's amazing when people see a video online and think they know everything about the mechanics of a boss, call others wrong, when there's also proof that her poise doesn't reset to 0 and attacking her while she does all her hyper armor attacks keeps it from going down.

  12. You're joking right? How is your video disproving mine at all? Those speedrunners are just (rightly) avoiding the hyperarmor start-up events that they know will ruin their poise damage buildup.

  13. That video literally shows them attacking her while she does waterfowl to keep her from recovering all her poise,her most infamous attack and one of the 3 that resets the most her poise, has hyper armor on top of it all and breaking her stance right after it ends, things you said that are impossible. Now what's next, going to say that waterfowl isn't hyper armor just to keep this bullshit that she cheats by resting her poise? Seeing you trying to downplay speedruners, people who also learn a lot of the game's mechanics and go even further by using them to defeat bosses as fast as possible is sad. I've given examples of other enemies that not just hyper armor with certain attacks, but are also impossible to have their stance broken not just malenia. And your argument is also pretty flawed since the first thing you said is that she resets her poise with certain attacks, and then shows a video proving that she recovers it just like any other enemy, just faster. I may be a hypocrite, but at least I'm not an asshole who literally keeps trying to force the bad game design argument, whenever someone says that a certain boss you don't like in the game is good, now this was me really attacking you. And the best part is that every boss after the fire giant, have people like you saying that they are badly designed/unfair, just proving that everything is literally differences in opinions and experiences and not an irrefutable fact. Oh and your timestamp literally shows the sound of her poise breaking and she going through her stance broken animation, but since she was in the air the startup of the animation didn't play correctly, and guess what this shit also happens a lot to the black knife assassins when they are jumping through the arena and the video is just talking about how she recovers her poise faster than any other enemy. A video that I already watched countless times so seeing that was nothing new to me.

  14. Lmao. Waterfall dance isn't even what I'm talking about. That's just a move with infinite poise. I'm talking about when she 'blocks' your light stagger weapon and either kicks or dodges away. If you actually watched the video for more than 3 seconds, you would've seen her do this and her poise literally go into the negatives. Other enemies can also have similar infinite hyperarmor mechanics, but they stay at 0 and immediately get stance broken on the next hit. Hers resets to full.

  15. Yo, I feel like you should charge more. Are you even hitting minimum wage at these rates? Even $10 thumbnails sounds like a deal to me.

  16. Sounds like you actually like horror -not fantasy. Try Lovecraft or smth 🤷

  17. I do like horror and I’ve read quite a bit of H.p. And a little bit of Smith. But it’s a bit silly to say I don’t like fantasy just because I’m looking for something outside of the Tolkien template. I’m taking it that you’ve never read pre- Tolkien fantasy or Mervyn Peak. And also, what’s with the downvote bruh?

  18. I didn't downvote you? But way to immediately assume the worst. Threads like these are commonly downvoted because there's a lot of them and usually you can find the answer on Google or Goodreads.

  19. I didn't downvote you? But way to immediately assume the worst.

  20. Raptors can be used before you can dodge and is a get out of jail free card. It has I-frames while falling and is banned on the competitive ladder. The thing with Barricade Shield is that it allows you to reach almost 100% gb and has been and is abused by top players in arena. Barricade is also banned on ladder for a good reason.

  21. Honestly, people are vastly underrating the power of hardswapping in this game.


  23. 'there are a lot of female characters but it's a gender neutral trope'.

  24. There's no contradiction. It can and has been applied to male and female characters. But because a lot of people only know of the female examples doesn't make it a female trope. In the linked comment, I give an example how Bart Simpson was used in this trope instead of a female character

  25. Just because male characters can and have been 'fridged' doesn't make it a gender neutral trope. Also, you're robbing it of its context by suggesting that it is. The titular example is of Green Lantern finding the head of his girlfriend in his refrigerator, but did you know the reason this cliche grew so recognized was because feminist Gail Simone literally made a website called Women in Refrigerators, where she listed many examples of this happening to other female characters? Fridging is about women. It has always been about women.

  26. Bonus facts: you can backstep out of the ash of war, unlike gravitas, allowing you to pumpfake it quite a bit. You can even mix in a ravioli step if you're good with inputs. I believe if the ash of war lands, it's a true combo with r1 (could be wrong, read it somewhere else), or you could go for an r2 roll-catch.

  27. Does anyone know how to reliably dodge/punish that madness spell that spews everywhere? Feels like strafing is out of the question, I get knocked out of jumps about 90% of the time, and it clips me a bunch if I try roll anywhere near it.

  28. On the one hand I find it marvelous to watch people play who are truly excellent at the game. I have a lot of respect for their skills and knowledge, and learn a lot by watching them. Usually if I am trying to learn a new weapon, for example, I will watch Chasethebro’s weapon showcase, both to be entertained and to see if I can learn anything from it. I consider him an authority on the game. However this might be a bad habit in retrospect.

  29. Yep, and it's made worse because there's no proper matchmaking system (which I obviously don't expect from From). The divide between new players and veterans will only widen as the former gets crushed and never plays again, and the latter leaves for highly insular ladder communities. Truly an unfortunate recipe, and it doesn't help that many of the fundament mechanics of high-level pvp are contrary to how the game teaches you how to play.

  30. I like the idea of it giving FP, but with how unreliable the blocking of spells can be, it definitely needs some better frame data. If I remember correctly, it has worse frame data than a small shield parry. Some lingering hitbox maybe, definitely a bigger absorption radius. Still, I'd vastly prefer if it gained a more reliable offensive utility. Maybe instead of sending a projectile back (which doesn't differentiate it all that much from the other spells reflects) it could do a melee aoe explosion. Like the spell version of law of causality.

  31. ggs man. You were literally the first person I was trying out this new sprint tech with lol. Honestly, I'm finding some uses for it but for the most part, it doesn't give much of an advantage, except for certain weapons. I guess we'll see when people get good at these techs. Anyways, very fun dueling with you.

  32. Since it effectively replaces your running lights and heavies with crouching attacks (and standing heavies? correct me if I'm wrong), the moveset of your weapon really matters. Heavy thrusting swords probably lose out with this tech, given how good their running attacks are. But I feel like colossal weapons would love this tech because of how shitty their running attacks are. I might just try it out.

  33. Well since 75% of players use pokey weapons there's no problem. Especially vs casters. Most casters will face a poke weapon whether they light roll or not.

  34. Just because pokey weapons are overtuned doesn't justify lightrolling. You can outplay one, but you pretty much have to change your equipment for another.

  35. So basically light roll is only broken if the user is being passive?

  36. Nah, you also can't roll catch lightrollers with a giant percentage of weapons. Only the pokey weapons can, which makes playing off-meta builds hopeless. You can't generate any pressure on them, you're the one who always has a stamina deficit.

  37. Imagine starting a fight and trading a few blows and then I get holy ground off, what do you do? Now I am healing back to full and chipping you away at range. This creates a lot of psycological pressure and because most people have never seen it, they panic and make mistakes. This is why I said it feels oppressive.

  38. But what about on low health when i have almost 85% absorbtion with holy ground, twinbird shield, and blue feather? Thats like near invincibility with the regen. Thats kinda broken and OP imo

  39. Again, if you're getting off holy ground at >20% hp without getting backstabbed or jump attacked, your opponent is bad or doesn't know what you're using. And if you have already cast holy ground and are intentionally staying in the aoe until you hit 20% hp, you probably would've never taken that much damage if you just dodged and spaced appropriately. And even then, they could just wait till you're 21% health and easily kill you, or use bleed weapons and easily kill you, or throw a frost pot and negate almost everything you're doing, or hide behind a pillar, and cast bestial vitality.

  40. Just want to note that if you want the most traffic, lvl 125 -150 (+25/+10) is your best bet. 150 is where most people organically ended up by the end of the game, and 125 is where a large number of pvpers intentionally stopped leveling up. There are also a number of level 300+ players but that's a weird world of infinite-fp L2 spam.

  41. I’m pretty sure most 125’s will have 60 vigor. Most casual players are closer to 150.

  42. Most casuals have moved on from this game though. If there are casuals, they'll be at 300+

  43. It's kinda unfortunate that the main way to counter sleep builds is by spending 90% of the duel running away and counterattacking their running attacks with an ultra-safe weapon. It works, but my god is it boring.

  44. These results are insane, lol. I have a highly inefficient lightroll + heal build and despite playing it utterly stupidly (like rolling headfirst into my opponents and casting heal in melee range to mindgame them) I managed to hit the highest rank in the colosseum. Both are pretty busted, but lightroll really enables some degenerate play. I would feel dirty if I hadn't been clowning around the whole time.

  45. Christ, this is a lot, isn't it? And it's all based on the assumption that character and plot were ever distinct and separate concepts, which has only ever been a thing in theory, not practice. Like, who in the world actually categorizes their chapters as either 'plot' or 'character'? Plot has always been informed by character decisions, and characters have always been informed by setting and circumstance. These concepts have always been intertwined and codependent, it has literally never been the case otherwise.

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